Magnus Carlsen vs Wesley So for $30,000! | Aimchess Rapid 2023 Grand Final

The Aimchess Rapid is the fourth event of the 2023 Champions Chess Tour! Magnus Carlsen played his way through the Play-in and will face Nodirbek Abdusattorov, Fabiano Caruana, Levon Aronian, and more in Division I. In total, $235,000 is at stake, with $30,000 going to the winner.

With a $2,000,000 total prize fund, and the fiercest competitors in the world, the CCT is’s most important event yet!

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  1. Wesley's body behaviour just shows how weak his mind is.

  2. I wish someone told Tania they have microphones and she doesn't have to fricken scream.

  3. Magnus is engine cheater, thats why he hates nieman,

  4. Less generalities and chitchat, guys, and more ANALYSIS, please! Where is LEKO??

  5. As long As Wes doesn’t have seconds and coach, he will always be low in time as his opening prep is limited without help…

  6. This exaggerated Brit accent copycat lady should be removed in the commentary team.😅😂

  7. Magnus is gonna be always the goat .
    ( Like so Magnus see the comment)

  8. Giga Chad alert! Magnus (and i quote): "i did not played well today" !!

  9. the hair, it must be the hair . once the hair get cut he lost all his power .

  10. Невозможно слушать комментатора в лице женщин, особенно Татьяны, орёт постоянно, как будто бы её эмоции самое важное для всех🤢 Это шахматы, а не хоккей! Нравятся как комментируют мужчины, адекватно и спокойно, уважают своих зрителей, спасибо им

  11. 3:11:00 He spotted the checkmate possibility so quickly! Magnus made it look like he's paying against a 600 elo player, insane!

  12. 3:11:20 Magnus is the winner, what a shocker! As if we didn't know who's gonna win before the tournament started lol

  13. Sorry, the commentary was just too cringy. Couldn't watch.

  14. This is unwatchable. Music, not a second of not-talking.

  15. Wesley so looks like ip man , sad to see him lose some how 😅

  16. 🏆 Conratulation Man 🤘🤘🤘

  17. If Magnus is in zone, nobody is a match for him.

  18. this girl is cringe im sorry just saying the truth

  19. Do you think Tania is looking for a boyfriend who makes less than $30k/yr?

  20. Weasley didn’t “earn the draw” in game 1- he was lost completely and Magnus did something stupid

  21. Too much Bollywood emotions during commenting

  22. What strikes me most is how unbelievably humble Magnus is. He lost only one game yet he still criticizes his lines. The absolute GOAT.

  23. Wesley looks so tired! Congrats to Magnus great game!

  24. magnus released game 3 to make the match more interesting 🐐🐐🐐

  25. This is how it is. Yes, Magnus is a human. However, he is the least human out of all of them…

  26. Black pawn at h3 is inevitable, it's bloody for white. I wouldn't allow my opponent to push it at h3, I should trade pieces b4 my flag down

  27. Wesley is not in the mood for the last few tournaments …
    Something is wrong…

  28. What happened to this tournament? It used to make sense. And not be a panel of egos.

  29. 1st rule dont put your king on the corner

  30. Magnus: I'm wealthy and the main draw at any (online) tournament…but I can't find a fast computer and internet when I'm not playing from home…hmm.

  31. The psychology of wesley being satisfied with 2nd and hoping to do just as well rather than better in the next tournament just shows you how dominant Magnus Carlsen is.

    People gun for 2nd place and have one of the highlights of their career if they somehow end up 1st

  32. 34:13 looks like black c8 rook is close to getting trapped… the ginger chess guy agrees with me! Buut I’m still a patzer lol

  33. Daniel is a terrible chess player and analyst. He is like that kid who buys the soccer ball so all the kids can come play with him. Everything he does is cringy. Trying so hard to fit in and push inside jokes all the f time. Gosh…. Unbearable

  34. just waiting for the next GM to clip 2886 to add some pressure to the fabled 2900 goal

  35. And someone still questioning who is the GOAT

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