Magnus Carlsen vs Vladimir Potkin World Rapid Chess Championships Round 3

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  1. Is there a place where we can watch the games?

  2. good games but it's boring that everyone just resigns, man up and lose 🙁

  3. I think at the end of your videos you should quickly replay the game. I think that would be great! P.s. I like that you watch the world cup.

  4. Where do we see the chess games live? Someone please answer me.

  5. At the end why not Rook to B8, defending the black bishop with the black rook while still saving the black rook? That saves both the major pieces that were under attack by the queen.

  6. @8:39 the h pawn can not take because white queen captures on g6 and mate next move.

  7. after you take the bishop on g6, and Qxg6, kh8,and Qg7# right

  8. Going to try to put this constructively.  I appreciate the video and you bringing your viewpoint on the game, but I would hope in the future that you spend a bit more time on the analysis.  Some of the alternative lines you were suggesting, like the comments point out, are completely losing.  Some even involved mate in 2.  

  9. Sorry my friend, good job, but at least 5 min. extra words!

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