Magnus Carlsen vs Vladimir Potkin – Round 3 – 2014 FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship

This is a review of World Champion Magnus Carlsen’s Round 3 game from the 2014 FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship held in United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Carlsen was white against Vladimir Potkin. The opening played was the Sicilian Defense, Taimanov. Carlsen, along with all other participants, played 5 rounds each day from June 16 thru June 18th. Time controls were set at 15 minutes with a 10 second increment.

Here’s the playlist of all 15 games Magnus Carlsen played to become the 2014 FIDE World Rapid Chess Champion:


Internet Chess Club (ICC)


  1. what chess program do you use for your analysis?

  2. Carlsen using his light square bishop to support attacks by the queen and by the rook. That bishop was doing work. 4.3

  3. Jerry, you missed the mate that Carlsen would do if pawn takes Night.

    After gxN
    Qg3+ Kh8
    exf6 Bxf6
    Qh4 and there's no way to stop mate.

  4. Thanks for posting this vid & the link to the next vid (in every vid)! 😉

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