Magnus Carlsen vs Vishy Anand | The rivalry continues | Superunited Rapid, Grand Chess Tour

It was the final rapid game on day 2 of the superunited rapid 2023 of the Grand Chess Tour. Vishy Anand was in great form and was leading the tournament solely with 8.0/10. Meanwhile Magnus was in terrible form as he had lost his previous 2 games against Caruana and Firouzja. Carlsen had the white pieces and opened with 1.e4, Vishy with black played the Caro Kann, and we had an extremely exciting game. Check out what happened along with the analysis of IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. There's no rivalry. Vishi loses all the time

  2. Sometimes it's funny Sagar taking all of the pieces himself 😂

  3. Sir plz show only what they played dont show us what should be
    Because i am confused because of this

  4. I feel like watching agadmator translation.

  5. There is no rivalry. Mostly one sided affair.

  6. Here at 7:20 , though major engines suggesting the same h3 . I think be6 could be the strong move..this could end up like bxe6 ,qxe6 then trading knights nfd4 , nxd4, nxd4 , trading rook Rxd4 , Rxd4 and finally Nb5 which is quick winning for magnus

  7. Vishy losing to Magnus again and again seems like a movie script, at last he'll defeat him once and movie can end with a great ending. Biopic on Anand should be a masterpiece. 🤞

  8. The problem is somehow always the position turns into a slightly better endgame. Vishy isn't really having complicated positions against him full of tactics with lots of pieces. Its always magnus like position often, one piece endgame where theres no one better than magnus. If vishy has to win, he has to keep the pieces somehow like how he did against saric

  9. The rivalry continues? Seriously this is the title of the video?, bruh there is no rivalry, there wasn't a rivalry in 2013 when carlsen defeated vishy w ease and there isn't any right now, bruh i've never seen carlsen struggling against vishy, magnus is just too good and you gotta admit that, even in 2013 magnus just decided to play the candidates, he was ranked 1 way before it was just a matter of fact that when will he gain the title if he would've decided it earlier instead of 5 world championships it would have been much less for anand,

  10. Anand should give walkover every time he plays Carlsen

  11. Lost against Fabi, lost against Alireza but he always has to win against Vishy 😢

  12. just explain their move need your prediction moves…thats confuse…

  13. Magnus just seems to be Vishy's Kryptonite😂. No matter how their tournament is going, their match nearly always has the same result.

  14. At 3:56, after g5, how do you respond to queen h5? threatening the rook, removing the queen pin, and threatening the g5 pawn. There’s also queen to f7+ on the next move.

  15. It still takes precision to convert it from final position. It may be easy for super GM, but average mediocre club player may get it very wrong. Yes, one thing is sure, white promotes and black has to sac his rook to take the queen. But rest of it is not so easy, even with extra rook, but white king so far from h1 corner to fight against black kingside pawn majority.
    If you try to convert final position against SF, it is quite tricky. I got it right only on 3rd attempt. In tournament situation players of course dont have 3 attempts

  16. har bar itni umeed s dekhta hu ki jeet jay magnus s par esa ho nhi rha hai 😒

  17. Vishy chokes everytime he faces Magnus. 😅

  18. This channel:
    Magnus win 10 times, the rivalry continues
    Vishy win 1 time, Vishy supreme

  19. To call it a rivalry is not accurate. Check head to head and you will know it is pretty much a one sided story.

  20. Sagar, please add the computer advantage bar thingy

  21. 7:20 some other chess channel calls such move "prophylactic" move

  22. if magnus gave up the title, he should just give up chess altogether. What now, is he aspiring to be champ again? bullshit

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