Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura | Tata Steel Chess India Rapid 2019

Games between Carlsen and Nakamura have always been tense. In round four of the Tata Steel Chess India Rapid 2019 Magnus Carlsen faced Hikaru Nakamura. He opened with 1.c4 and very soon we had a reversed Sveshnikov. How did the game end? Who was the winner? Check out the video to find out.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I don't understand why Hikaru keeps making wierd faces as if Magnus was blundering every time he moved while in reality Hikaru was close to being lost (or you could even argue completely lost) since move 6.

  2. people assist to these tournaments just to sleep or cough, i don't understand the point lol

  3. 1:00:12 bottom right black coat guy 👋👋👋👋👋👋 best clap ever

  4. Que falta de respeto al pararse y irse asi de la mesa

  5. When you've gone afk​ and still winning

  6. When a chess player went away from the board during a game like this, what are the rules in place to make sure they don’t go away to look at some chess engine?

  7. The national coughing competitions but a short break for our chess competition

  8. Why in all these chess games In India is there always someone coughing like nonstop!?

  9. Can we all agree there’s more competition between the professional coughers watching!!

  10. I wonder if Magnus got up and left just to make Hikaru lose time since Magnus knew Hikaru was to honorable to do him that dirty….

  11. Magnus Carlsen go take a shit on Nakamura's time. Class.

  12. Is it normal for a professional chess game to go for this long?

  13. चेस गेम खेलना है मुझे शामिल करे

  14. With the high IQs. Why haven't they figured out putting the camera above the board?

  15. Why does magnus always get up mid game

  16. Hikaru should learn to hide his emotions a bit better, it's almost comical how easy he is to read.

  17. Do we as humans cough this much? Is this just a thing at chess tournaments?

  18. So dramatic. Looks like a daytime soap opera. LOL

  19. This game a 24 is playing a 25 skill level who am I to say, I wrote this chess knowledge 17 years ago about the future chess

  20. Indian people sure cough a lot. So fucking gross. Stop bathing in the Ganges. Filthy people.

  21. Accept Jesus now he's coming he is the son of god accept Jesus now

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