Magnus Carlsen vs Alexander Grischuk – Round 14 – 2014 FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship

This is a review of World Champion Magnus Carlsen’s Round 14 game from the 2014 FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship held in United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Carlsen was white against Alexander Grischuk. The opening played was the King’s Indian Defense, Samish. Carlsen, along with all other participants, played 5 rounds each day from June 16 thru June 18th. Time controls were set at 15 minutes with a 10 second increment.

Here’s the playlist of all 15 games Magnus Carlsen played to become the 2014 FIDE World Rapid Chess Champion:


Internet Chess Club (ICC)


  1. i thought this was an unreal game because i was watching it live, and carlsen was clearly worse, and he went into the tank until only 20 seconds on his clock, and Grishchuk still had 4 minutes with a much better position, yet ended up losing.

  2. A Knightmare!! LOL You win the internet today with that one, Jerry.

  3. Thanks Jerry. Brilliant analysis. Great quality video too.

  4. Finally someone got more out of their bishop than Carlsen got out of his, unfortunately, Grischuk missed the correct continuation. Good game though. Thanks Jerry.

  5. I love how it says "checkmate in 41" at 17:52 😀 Ah… the good ol' checkmate in 41!

  6. 5:13''He's just going to be a KNIGHTMARE…..hilarious commentary. 

  7. what was Anand's record in this tournament?
    Also, are any of his games posted?

  8. Typical carlsen game. The opponent does very well out of the opening, at some point even gets a winning position, and as a result Carlsen gets a running A pawn and wins.

  9. The opponent gets a better opening, is smacking Carlsen in the mid game, but all of a sudden Carlsen just destroys his opponent, overwhelms all the opponents position, and gets an undeniable win, all in the end game.

  10. Grischuk's rating is 2828? even higher than Carlsen?

  11. Why is Grischuk's rating higher than Carlsen's rating

  12. after this game the jimmies of grischuk were so damn rustled

  13. If I were Grischuk, I will do my best to beat Carlsen in mid game. The reason is, when the match goes to end game, winning against Magnus Carlsen will be half impossible. As we know, Carlsen is the master of end game right?

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