Magnus Carlsen takes on 3000+ rated on GM Tsydypov | Commentary by Sagar

Magnus Carlsen is undisputedly the best in the world of chess. His opponent in this game GM Zhamsaran Tsydypov has a rating of 3000+ on in blitz. This shows in ample measure that he is a fine blitz player, in fact an expert. How does Magnus Carlsen deal with him in the game? Does he manage to beat him or get his hands burnt. Check out the game along with some instructive commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. yea …the commentary is by Far Superior to the propaganda We Humans have to live with everyday as the World plays power games of WAR and people Die…Peace is not a Checkmate…/ or a Stalemate…it is Not Ever playing the Game of WAR but Making PEACE/Amen^

  2. How do you know Tsydypov is rated 3000 and what is the highest rating possible? Can it even be calculated?

  3. Magnus Carlsen has the shittiest, blow off handshake I've ever seen

  4. The acent is too strong he ingles is very difficult

  5. Please make this guy should be commenting the worl finals he is amazing

  6. Way too many comments about commentator and not players. That’s weird

  7. Can we get health in chess? This would be so much more exciting (although not utmost importance) if it was like oh my goodness magnus has taken max damage and is on 1 health and ohhh a comeback etc. lmfao

  8. The guy on the left is really strong. Both of them are, but I could never compete with either one damn.

  9. Nice Play by Play Commentary 👌🏻👍🏻

  10. A great comment or allows chess not be boring to average viewers. The actual call out of the theory w/ passions is so damn cool

  11. Tip: turn the sound off while watching this game.

  12. Magnus deserve 4000+raiting😅

  13. Man 😂 the commentary is very fucking funny Kwkwkwwkwk ..

  14. Magnus is something else. Amazing player.

  15. We all know the commentator has seen this game 5-6 times before commenting
    And then he acts like he doesn’t know what they are going to play
    And gives idea to look as smart 😂😂😂

  16. "transposed into some weird Sicilian." hehehehe That statement there was funny. Some sort of MUTATED Sicilian.

  17. wow the guy talking in the video was great!

  18. Great commentary for people of a high level of understanding.

  19. I’m sure people use AI to get to 3000 online. Now, I find even 1700s cannot beat newly enrolled 600 or 800s 🤦🏼‍♂️

  20. Perhaps try to comment in a neutral way, Qa5 was a mediocre move not a great move as you advertise it.

  21. Can someone explain why females are not good at chess? I mean elite. Goat. Of course there are good female players but you know what I mean..hopefully

  22. Mission man completes another mission

  23. Not surprised an India based account has a bunch of bots in the comments hyping up the Indian commentator. So obvious.

  24. Narrator makes the video distracting…no narrator who does not stop talking! Otherwise, a nice video

  25. Great commentary and breakdown. 🎉💥

  26. Damn, I was blown away by the commentator. Really explained it all in great detail, it was awesome.

  27. Called him the world champion, even though he is not the world champion, officially.

  28. a million people have already mentioned the commentary in the comments….but i'm going to do it too for a few likes, whhheeeyyyyy

  29. Best match commentary of any channel. Thank you.

  30. I don’t understand the commentary? You literally can move any piece at any time to any square within the rules of the pieces? A good example is when a computer is used to play against a real person the real person doesn’t understand the moves they don’t make sense yet the computer wins ? Explain that ?

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  32. The best commentary ever! I don't know chess, but this lets me appreciate at an entirely different level. Well done!

  33. Two real artists of hairstyling. Absolutely amazing. My hairdresser's dead vs. exploding punk 1978.

  34. I'm a new fan because of Sagar. Thanks for the explanation sir.

  35. When magnus takes the pawn on f4 with the knight why would black not move his bishop from g7 to d4 on an open square to attack the king is there something magnus could do other than move his king to h1 and have him trapped in the corner or am I missing something but great commentary nonetheless

  36. I don't know who the guy is that is playing Carlsen, but whatever his rating, he made Carlsen think, ponder, and of course he did succeed…but I consider that loss kind of a win. 2c.

  37. I liked and subscribed.

    What a great commentary and a fun game to watch.

  38. That comentary. i think he's also a GRANMASTER.

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