Magnus Carlsen shows how to crush the Scandinavian | World Rapid 2019 Round 1

The World Champion Magnus Carlsen played Scandinavian Defence against Ian Nepomniachtchi and Vishy Anand at the recently concluded Tata Steel Chess India 2019 Blitz. He won both the games with white. At the World Rapid 2019, in the very first round his opponent Azamat Utegaliyev (2564) of Kazakhstan opted for the same opening with black pieces.

How did Carlsen demolish Utegaliyev’s Scandinavian Defence? Watch the entire video to find out.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Magnus is always lucky to have his pieces on the right squares

  2. My last chess match was unbelievable. I have this classmate–let's call him Anthony–who has a learning disability. While I don't know what it's officially called, it limits his general ability to understand things. I can't tell you how many times he needed clarification in school. He's slow, Mr. "I don't get it." He always needed help in setting up the equipment for biology class (while we all could do it easily) and he had to switch out of our chemistry class to take his own individual (and simpler) assignments to Special Ed. Sure, he's hard working in school, but look at it this way: some students are both smart and hard working and thus get good grades. Some are smart but lazy and don't get the grades they have the natural brains/skills to get. And some students are hard working but…well, you know. I can't sugarcoat it, so I'll just not finish it. Not to mention, Anthony is an 18-year-old junior in high school. Well, he should've graduated by now. Apparently his learning disability and childhood speech delay kept him back two years, between preschool and middle school overall, so he's gonna graduate at age 20 (oh, man, that's sad). But what's even sadder is this: he beat me at chess. Chess is an intellectual game, requiring brains and strategy. I've always been good at it. I mean, it's no big deal if I lose a match to just any-ol-body, but if it's Anthony, that's just… wrong. Totally ridiculous. So I gotta ask…am I stupid?

  3. Exchanging the rook for the knight at the end so the pawn will recapture and open up that F file for Carlsen's other rook to eye down that F7 square with the bishop. That is just brilliant. I can't even imagine that level of thinking. What a player!

  4. Please someone explain why black resigned.

  5. This dude should have castled, left his king out to dry with no defense, Magnus simply moved his big pieces behind enemy lines and tortured the king

  6. I'm prolly the only one who think Black's still could play on

  7. I am new to chess. When Magnus move the Queen in to D7 how come he win the game is that a checkmate. Some one please explain.

  8. Cristo te ama, el murió por ti y por todos amalo también y serás libre, feliz y alcanzarás la salvación de tu alma.
    Cristo viene por los suyos.

  9. A Scandinavian shows you how to stop the Scandinavian Defence

  10. At 3:19 it’s the only move that magnus wasn’t expecting and his face says it all

  11. One of the easiest victories by Carlsen I've seen. 300 Elo points must count 🤔

  12. Carlsen actually made a huge blunder in this game.

    2:55 loses about 550 centipawns. Losing a +6.7 advantage into a +1.2 advantage. D5 was the correct move and was crushing.

  13. DISASTER😃🤘🤘🤘🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  14. Magnus destroys the Scandinavian, while also being Scandinavian

  15. Dumb question…. why was it over at that point? Why can't the king just move down?

  16. 4:00 the guy at back being like:thank god I'm not against HIM

  17. Thats what happens when you don't Castle… Keep the KING SAFE..

  18. While magnus playing i could understand and predict his moves….

  19. I think magnus opponent not playing like a GM

  20. i did not understood a4 and how inocent was oponent, untill i saw the power of that beshop. he got into the trap with a5, magnus new it. see how calm is magnus, waiting to fish.

  21. Azamat Utegaliyev is a none titled 2500 player. One of the highest rated players in the world to not have a title. Carlsen crushed him like Short crushed me in a simultaneous. Similar game and always behind from move 1. Sacked everything to get a mating net and I couldnt see it, but I was 1000 ELO points below Nigel and he was still competing at a high level at the time
    Remarkable how much further Carlson is than this opponent, considering their ELO

  22. Here I am wondering why they didn't continue further 🤣

  23. Can anyone that knows chess tell me why the other guy resigns?

  24. Nf3 Ne5 Nc4¡ Qf3 Bf4¡ Qg3 f4 f5 Bc7. Son many things to understand and learn. <3

  25. that was an early resing in my opinion, no mate and up in points

  26. Am 800ish rating player i dont understand why he gave up on 2 rooks and Bishop against Queen and Bishop

  27. I would never ever sack a rook, that's how I know im shit

  28. This isn't "how to crush the scandinavian". It's how to crush somebody who falls way behind in development and leaves their king in the center.

  29. He moves his pieces on the chess board the perfect way. He slides them

  30. 😂😂😂 Ok..
    I don't think Magnus is being played against Scandinavia

  31. magus is defender or attacker? myself choose he is strong at defending than much pressure opponent creates he finds and nullifies it. but this match is a piece of cake for magnus

  32. Клементий Сычев на заднем плане

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