Magnus Carlsen SACRIFICES His Bishop in FINAL GAME to Become a WORLD RAPID CHESS CHAMPION in 2022


  1. Love that all allways put pices back after game is played 🙂

  2. can't black just play queen c2 check, king has to move a1.. queen c1 check , rook takes .. rook takes back and checkmate ??? am i stupid? lol

  3. What a game! BUT, so far I've an even score against the champ;)

  4. Im a beginner and i have no idea how he won, what piece checked the black king?

  5. Maghsoodloo's face speaks for itself 😉

  6. Bearded guy should've resigned 10 moves earlier.

  7. I agree with the commentators here. Its a good thing magnus played the move

  8. maybe with the winnings he can fix that haircut bruh what the hell is that 😭

  9. This guys position was terrible after the first 10 or so moves

  10. He left no doubt about who is the god of chess. Hikaru was not even in the top 10, draw 9 in a row, almost lost several times too. Magnus was perfect. Chess is not about one event, its about the long run, and Magnus clearly is way better than Hikaru, and also seems to be a way better person, not arrogant at all, humble in defeat when he looses.

  11. Whoever gotta replaced Magnus as topdog in the future would find it hard to Dominate the game in all format as he does.

  12. «Կյանքը լի կլինի տխրությամբ» – քարոզիչ Վիկտոր Կուրիլենկո. Now in English. "Life will be full of sorrow"- preacher Viktor Kurylenko.

  13. This guy was so ease in the beginning thinking he could take down the world champion. Rook To C8 Was hail Mary move that he wish magnus will not see. Hahhahah 😆

  14. Where's Cheatmann? Oh 98th place. That speaks for itself. And Hikaru? lol

  15. I was able to predict some of Carlsen's moves

  16. These kind of videos remind me how much I actually don’t understand the game if there isn’t commentary to explain every move

  17. Smh I saw that move coming way earlier In the game. Well played

    I'm not pro yk, I'm Just saying.

  18. Carlsen's rook did attacking and defending at the same time, I found that very beautiful.

  19. can somebody expain to me, why, after magnus played queen to f7 (minute 4:34) his opponent didnt simply play his queen to c2?

  20. Correct me if I’m wrong (new to chess), but at the 0:12 mark, couldn’t magnus play bishop to B5 and had a checkmate right there?

  21. I played this it's magnificent

  22. King Magnus…saya pengemar anda…salam dari Indonesia.

  23. His opponent has mate in 2 after qc2+ and then black has to play ka1 and qd1!

  24. is this the final match? what is your opponents name?

  25. unsure if this video is muted or if it is on?

    also, which chess master is the best whisperer?

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