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  1. 0:01 Magnus knows it’s a draw, it will just take them 15 moves to accept it…

  2. Argentina's WC celebration isn't close to Magnus'

  3. Why is it a draw? King and pawn vs King is winning right ?

  4. The fact that MVL knew what will happen if he wins.
    Anyways, I think Vincent was under pressure as Magnus was watching him

  5. Magnus when serious is altogether a different beast

  6. Yellow card for Carlsen for ripping off his shirt in celebration.

  7. Disrespectful of Magnus to celebrate in such a wild in your face manner. He should learn a thing or 2 from that Argentinian goalkeeper who remained super graceful despite winning 2022 football World Cup.

  8. He looks so miserable. And it’s because it must be lonely at the top. Nobody there with him. Ouch.

  9. That is fucking brutal, the pressure. If he knew Magnus was there just waiting impatiently for you to lose or draw

  10. The young up in coming guys are Coming for Carlsen and Nakamura It’s clear to see

  11. That's exactly how anyone would react… if they lost.

  12. Watching other people play the game is kind of an anti-climactic way of becoming world champion lol

  13. He's really so apatic.. ahaha, Maybe he thinks "oh! Two monkeys" like Dr. Sheldon Cooper xD

  14. the camera man in blue hasn’t slept in 5 days

  15. Anyone who can explain me the background? I am new into the scene. Only know that MC is the Goat and the left one a promising youngster.

  16. tone is down magnus. act like youve been there before.

  17. And the crowd goes wild!!!!!
    Shhhh 🤫

  18. The guy in the blue filming, does he have bags under his eyes, or make-up?

  19. Honigdachs on fire! Schöner jünger keymer

  20. This game's too easy for him against other people. I just can't fathom it. So much so this dude's literally bored. Imagine training your entire life, studying 8hrs a day, to become a GM from an IM, just to know that super-GMs exist. I think this should be a new FIDE recognized category.

  21. closet faggery or erectile dysfunction says:

    What a silly young man he almost died from his overtly ecstatic celebration I hope he doesn't become a gang member one day

  22. I can't get over how terrifying the cameraman and older man next to him look.

  23. At this point maybe he should start showing up with a blindfold on to make it interesting 😂

  24. Now if Magnus also has a haircut, he'll have a great 2023!

  25. Magnus body language and pride is getting old. It’s more than a little bit silly.

  26. He’s been a champion his entire life. This isn’t a new thing for him 🙂

  27. but he was not even playing, damn it youtube stop recomending stuff that i don't understand!

  28. Ho hum, I’m world champion, yadda, yadda, yadda.

  29. You know you have achieved brilliance when you become n1 in the world and you celebrate like Magnus xD

  30. Imagine being the best in the thing you love and having almost 0 emotions when winning. Thank god he took up cheese and not becoming the next Dexter.

  31. Well, if he lost he might accuse someone of cheating and get them banned from the lucrative chess tournaments. I lost so much respect for this magnus punk, now I hope he loses.

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