Magnus Carlsen Plays 1.b3 to BEAT Eric Hansen in 2022 World Rapid Championship


  1. Magnus making his own theory for the world to follow

  2. b3!, que grande eres Magnus!, gracias por utilizar mi apertura favorita. Salu2 desde Chile. Junto a mi hijita siempre apoyándote.

  3. It's so interesting to play chess every day and still have no idea what's going on.

  4. Yg di blkang jagoan gwa..
    Jngan panggil aku anak kecil paman…shivrananda

  5. You know someone's good when his move is unpredictably good

  6. Please post round 3, that was beautiful! What an impeccable endgame by Carlsen

  7. That tournament coordination and announcers were unbearable

  8. Magnus is the best, ofc, but anyway, when i look at such a match, i think to myself: "what a bunch of absolute savages, both of them!". Amazing level!

  9. Eric's two bishops didn't say "Hi" this time. FeelsBadMan

  10. Magnus carlsen you are very famous in Indonesia ,i from indonesia i like you,,,you are the best chess player in this universe

  11. I remember when Bobby Fischer won the World Chess Championship. Played chess as an amateur ever since. Until Magus, my favorite all-time player was Alekhine. But Magnus changed all that. So out-there, so direct, so in-everybody's-face, no matter the time control, no matter the venue, online or over-the-board. What a great, great addition to the historical Chess pantheon he has been. Bravo, Magnus, bravo! You're not only a good and humble dude, but you reflect the very spirit of Caissa, in the great genius traditions set by Capablanca, Tal, Fischer and Kasparov who came before you. I hope you flourish in this new year of 2023, buddy.

  12. I am not sure why he gave up so soon, coulda escape the queen

  13. Magnus even wins against 90% of the ppl with 1.f3 ..

  14. The only question I have is, why do they need such an expensive camera to record this? It is comparable to recording a chess match in 4K. For what? I don't know much about camera and stuff, but the stuff they are using looks way too complicated and overkill for the job. They could have gotten bunch of old phones and stick it on a tripod and record this. Or old cheap cameras.

  15. Its all about the game and the pieces ,where they go..I m watching how singled out of this world Magnus feels…..but if tell I know Magnus, just like that….cause I be a god….would he talk to me casually….!!!im sure he might.

  16. Eric was in good shape for most of the game my patzer opinion is he should have ditched his LSB for that strong knight on e4. His plan of retreating his knight and repositioning it seems too slow. He should have held this one he equalised out of the opening

  17. Eric plays like the great Romanian women's master Azalea Boxtrend.

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