Magnus Carlsen plays 1.b3 against ChessBrah Eric Hansen | World Rapid 2022

Magnus Carlsen opened the game with 1.b3 and Eric Hansen played 1…d5. By move 5 we had a completely original position. When you get an original position, you don’t have to worry about the home preparation of a player like Carlsen, but on the other hand, he is the best player in the world, so if a position is not known by both the players the chances of him outplaying his opponent is quite high. Let’s have a look at the game and see if he manages to outplay his opponent GM Eric Hansen, who is well known as a part of the ChessBrah team. This game took place at the 2nd round of the World Rapid 2022.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. seriously there's no chess board animation for this? horrible

  2. I would've closed down the position against Carlsen's queenside push, surprised Eric didn't do that. Perhaps the fact that his rooks were not connected on the back rank was why he did not. The battery on the d-file did not serve any purpose from what I could tell.

  3. Magnus looking like 70s bollywood hero lol

  4. Nice to see the smile from Magnus after his first move.

  5. Sagar bhai…. Ghumte…. Khate… Anish ke sath ho… Aur game bs magnus ki dikhate ho…. Not fair 😅…… Justice for Anish giri 😌

  6. Sagar bhai thode Anish,Hikaru,Nepo,Vidit k games bhi dikha do

  7. Soon to come in the perfect chess players library. Win with The Nimzo-Larsen, Carlsen system. A complete repertoire for White … 🙂

  8. Hi.. Please show moves on the screen so that they are easy to follow

  9. if you are uploading video DGT board is must. Please put it

  10. shi# I could get whooped just like that and would have made Magnus work just as hard.

  11. why didn't black move bishop onto pawn 15 moves into the game?

    also he's letting time bleed when magnus is making moves just to put the clock on him
    so many mistakes

  12. Nice videos but missing your live commentary!☹

  13. Brother, can you atleast show us the games on a virtual board. For the new comers to understand it better.!!!

  14. Please always include a 2d board even when the angle is right

  15. No commentary or virtual board? Moving on….

  16. What's the context? What's so special about 1.b3 against ChessBrah?

  17. They are clearly buddies, Chesbrah Eric is my man but Magnus is awesome and Mr Humble as well

  18. Hansen is one of the nicest persons you could ever meet. I see in this tournament in the 8th round he must have lost on time to Artemiev, but was better in the endgame (possibly winning) certainly could never lose and this was with the black pieces!!!

  19. Hmm some GMs look small body size near Magnus, and now he looks small size near Eric. I would like to see Eric versus Nihal Sarin or Parham Magdsoohloo

  20. That is the longest continuous sequence of questionable moves I have ever seen

  21. why are they having a chess tournament next to a Aldi register

  22. Eric Hansen played only passively and then unnecessarily sacrificed quality.

  23. Eric Hansen played with 90.5% accuracy…
    …but this is GOAT Carlsen we are talking about.

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