Magnus Carlsen played his last chess game as world champion

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  1. I don't entirely understand. Didn't he say that he wanted to reach the 2900?

  2. It doesn't mean he quit the reason he withdrew was to get to 2900

  3. Now he can go on playing drunk, making an ass of himself and continue to break the rules of tournament chess. He will not be missed.

  4. I still don't understand his decision of giving up the title so easily
    He could have tried to break Lasker's record as the longest who held the title of world champion or try something else but not giving up the title
    I feel sad for the next world champion because no one will recognize him as world champion knowing that there is a stronger player than him which is Carlsen

  5. Vegan teacher been real quiet since this dropped

  6. Magnus have played the move move here💔👏

  7. Chess players are basically glorified taxi drivers… the memorise a lot of routes.. that's basically it..

  8. What a weird time to live in where athletes are just leagues above the competition and deciding to take themselves out. First started with boxing and now MMA and now Chess

  9. bro registered to the checkers world championship by mistake

  10. he doesn't need to defend it as he's still gonna be only one called a champion

  11. Why is johnny sins giving me chess updates

  12. Kinda Disagree, I mean look at him he's still young(30's) and living on a diet with proper sleep, he can still dominate, but the real decisions are on his hand if he retired then it happens.

  13. He's already been immortal and his records are gonna be historic

  14. Playing WCC Matches is stressful and probably bad for his psyche. He won 5 of these matches. I don't blame him for quitting. Well, more like letting go.. ☮️

  15. I finally understand why he did it.

    Now everyone seeing on Nepo Ding blunderfest and wonders "wtf is it a world championship or two random guys play in the park?" It's clear now, HOW MUCH better carlsen. He is miles ahead of anyone in classic chess.

    He is still a linear champ, until someone legitimately beat him in major tournament.

  16. Is it me or Magnus looks like drunk Chris pine

  17. At this point Magnus doesn't need the title,he's already established himself as the best in the world.

  18. He didn`t defend to give the others chance .I think this makes him a true Champ.

  19. You can't be world champion unless you beat Magnus! He has basically pulled the best mike drop in history!

  20. UP THE PAYOUT, 3.5-4M….. if there’s enough media & sponsors, you never know.

  21. “It’s way easier to check a grandmaster than it is to mate” – My uncle

  22. Well, what does he have against the Classical Chess Tournament?

  23. Only person beating him consistently are AI computers.

  24. It would be cool if they made wreath of cannabis leaves instead

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