Magnus Carlsen is the World Rapid Champion 2023

The Superman of chess does it again. Magnus Carlsen is the FIDE World Rapid 2023 champion. Watch the raw moments after he finished his final game against R Praggnanandhaa to retain his championship.

Special thanks to FIDE and NRK.

Video: ChessBase India
By Aditya Sur Roy

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  1. Pragg is kinda lucky charm for Magnus

  2. re upload this with a move board… aint that hard lol

  3. This man has a bright future , he should try to aim for World Chess Championship and maybe one day he can be a world champion xD

  4. Ahh man Vidit was so close to take the tiebreaks. Notice at the start Fedoseev is still looking at him even after the game not believing what happened. That Bd3 move was critical, but that's life man…" What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Hope he come backs stronger in future ✌️

  5. That much silence my class teacher want during her lecture 😅

  6. Lol I remember people bashing magnus says his era was already done last last tournament when he didn't win. But now he's stomping all these tournaments again and you call him goat again. 😂

  7. You say peace is the answer. But what has changed? Terrible people pretending to be good? What has changed? Nothing. What have you done? Nothing.

    Watching while I work isn't work. Pretending to work when I work isn't work. Pretending to work hard isn't work.

  8. A part of the Norwegian part of the interview: "It's not uncommon in other sports that you give up the gold fight, to secure your own medal place…(…)"

  9. How nice of you to leave in the Norwegian part of the interview. Thanks!

  10. We are witnessing the Bobby Fischer, Gary Kasparov, Paul Morphy of this generation. Enjoy it because players like this are once in a lifetime.

  11. I love, how gentle Magnus is. I saw him twice… and all the time he is so calm.
    I remember, I saw a lot of chess super gms… and some are very rude in front of crowds

  12. He's really turned into a celebrity! Great Job Magnus!

  13. Magnus walks in a funny way, some hip injury?

  14. sayang sekali kaos magnus, bertuliskan PUMA.
    itu produk israel.

  15. Magnus is the real GOAT now. The way he plays I admire him more than Kasparov now. Kasparov was the GOAT in his era. But if I have to compare them right now, Magnus has the edge especially the way he wins end games he is the master for that.

  16. You can tell that he generally gets kind of annoyed by the attention that he receives (like any normal human would), but I like how no matter what kind of mood that he's in he always has a baseline level of respect and sportsmanship toward his opponents and his fans. It's always a pleasure watching him perform.

  17. Is it a camera which is fitted on the white side of the board ? How much does such a camera cost ?

  18. Are cameras fitted on the chessboard ? How much does they cost ?

  19. Can anyone tell why Vladimir who has same points came second? Also was it a short draw against pragg? It just lasted a minute. Can't understand? Please clarify

  20. For sure, he's GOAT, since he wins and dominates many tournaments. In his era Chess became a real sport, money prizes increased. Bringing many sponsors and making the chess more famous, attracting many kids and Youngsters.

  21. he must b so bored by now of dominating the board. GG

  22. You would think that Praggnanandhaa would smile and congratulate Magnus after the game.

  23. We wanna make a betting in chess community to please make mr. Magnus carlsen know that in next year time if he can just win all the games he will be playing, crushing all the gm's who will be facing him, no more drawn games and no lost. Time to settle for immortality.

  24. magnus is choosing to not lose this time 🙂 he is not bored of this generation 🙂 he will continue to dominate

  25. fighters win 50G's for an amazing fight

    magnus only wins 60G's….we need to make chess more popular XD for all the GM's in the world <3 and women

  26. magnus makes multi-millions and still isn't bored to dominate the world 🙂 <3 so he doesn't retire

  27. Greatest Chess Player.
    Dear Magnus, You are simply superb and Great.
    You made the game of Chess a great game.
    You are simply a great Ambassador of Chess.
    Please accept my hearty Congratulations.
    I love you❤❤❤❤❤

  28. like the way pragg goes through the emotions of respected then dismissed

  29. I'd even FIDE let to walk my dog. Their total uncapacity to organize an event is ridiculous.

  30. I di nit think people realise how great of a accomplishment this is. To defend the rapid world championship title is much mire difficult than defending it at classical chess. To again play all the players and again to come out on top is not something any person can do. Fifth world rapid championship title. Even if Magnus never wins a title again, there is still no one who even comes close to dethroning him as the best chess player of all time.

  31. Carlsen have big respect of Praggnanandhaa. He knows this indian player is very good. Carlsen have lost many games against Praggnanandhaa. Do Carlsen love or hate this? He will love this, because its a challenge to beat Praggnanandhaa. In norwegian televisions, Magnus allways talk about him in good word and he shows he respect him. Have even Carlsen mention cheating about Praggnanandhaa … never. Carlsen dont like to loose, but he allways loves new great younger players

  32. Why isn't he wearing a belt isn't this a big day for him?!

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