Magnus Carlsen giving some killer answers at the press conference of World Rapid and Blitz 2023

Magnus Carlsen arrived at the press conference and the reigning world rapid and blitz champion seemed to be in a sharp mood off the board as well! Check out some of his super cool answers to the questions posed to him by the media.

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Video: ChessBase India
By Aditya Sur Roy

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  1. the way he shakes hands with the fide president……

  2. I wonder what would have happened if Ding played since he is the world champion and number 1 rapid player

  3. crazy how in every sport or field no.1 gets way way more recognition than no.2

  4. Killer answers like these would get magnus banned on wildr for toxicity 😂

  5. chess press conference is theworst

  6. If you're in Uzbekistan, they'll ask you about uzbek chess why is that stupid….sagar asks about Indian kids literally in every interview….too rude

  7. Magnus is the second greatest chess of all time👍
    He has telled in Vely interview 😊

  8. chessbaseIndia on fire with the supply of content

  9. Now I know why Magnus is not on Wildr. No toxicity is allowed over there!

  10. Why is the ad just like last year 200x times louder than the main video 😭

  11. Please make this wildr logo little bigger, i cant see it properly

  12. Bro what is that hairstyle by magzy bouges😂😂😂

  13. False accusation in chess is an abuse of freedom of expression that is prohibited by the FIDE Ethics and Disciplinary Code

  14. I wouldn't exactly consider these answers "killer". Nothing too controversial here.

  15. I'm confused,what was toxic exactly? his answers were fine

  16. Magnus looks like when he arrived in Chennai in 2013 😀

  17. so much fuzz about none serious blitz or rapid chess and somehow blitz game can determine overall Fide circuit standings. This is Circus.

  18. Uzbek tilini butun dunyo his qildiyu😅

  19. New hair, Magnus will cook something up, maybe he will cook Indians aswell

  20. where are the killer answers, just stupid mediocre content creator…

  21. Among chessplayers now- There is Carlsen and there are everybody else!

  22. Thank you so much for this content @ChessBaseIndiachannel <3 Just one request, can you put subtitles for these interview clips. its difficult to understand the accent sometimes and is confusing. But regardless of that, love your content and keep up the amazing work !!

  23. why did you remove the Karmnik question?

  24. I took the shadow on Magnus’ chin for a goatee!

  25. Magnus is like harry potter of chess 😂 all eyes on him all the time

  26. magnus is just so freaking cool. he has a legendary presence wherever he goes.

  27. The ex world champion is still being treated as the real world champion. No one in their right mind would consider Ding Liren to be the true world champion.

  28. Can’t hear anything, oops, bad audio Sagar.

  29. they need a third translator , those guys speaking. the language of god

  30. The sound needs fixing. who is doing the sound on these videos

  31. Lol I am answering all the comments before I see this clip LOL

  32. That takes “killer” to a whole new level! I mean, this is unacceptable, no one should be allowed to be this insensitive and rude. Period!

  33. Magnus and Dvorkobich handshake was shaky!

  34. Calsen vs Niemann will be possible! Watch out 😉

  35. 0:40 I am glad he said "Magnus is here.", I didn't know who that guy was.

  36. grabbing his hand for a photo shoot or any other reason does not look professional

  37. Killer answers i took as in very good replies but it was just a regular press conference

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