Le Quang Liem vs Ian Nepomniachtchi Rapid Chess Championship Round 7

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  1. Does anyone know how much time each player had left when the tables turned in this game (I mean from Le Quang Liem's clearly better middlegame position (at around 9:30) to Ian Nepomniachtchi's winning endgame)? Kevin keeps saying that they're making mistakes under time pressure (which I believe), but I'm curious how much time they had left. 

  2. Kevin, I really like the videos, but can you stop saying the word "here" so much? It seems like after every move you say it… "Bishop here to E5, rook here to B4", etc

  3. i don't get why white focused so much on attacking queen side but it is pretty obvious black was going to castle king side…

  4. Robeson Gall, Rook to H2 at 17:03 would not be checkmate – White could play King to G1.

  5. Why not just call the 2 players "Black" and "White"?

  6. Are you kidding me? I love how he uses the same language. It's like his signature. It's awesome.

  7. You said kh1 was bad what about the Rg5 threat huh

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