LAST MOMENTS of Woman World Rapid Chess Champion vs World Chess Champion in 2022

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  1. You can subscribe to our channel to see good content everyday 😀

  2. Surely this is just a coincidence and not genetics Clueless

  3. the highest rated female is Radjabov she can defeat Magnus…sometimes

  4. Magnus is not simp xd hahahaha. Aleksandra got wrecked.

  5. Man kind of feel bad for her… did she score any point?

  6. Magnus at the end thinking: "That female brain…it's just not equipped for chess. [chuckles]"

  7. The one time I saw her beating Magnus she was fairly arrogant about it, so… no sympathy here really. Quite enjoyable, in fact.

  8. Btw I thought there isn't female chess players mixed with male chess players

  9. i didnt know chess has biological advantage

  10. WHy they invited her ? seriously i dont know
    maybe just because she was a woman

  11. Boys rule. Girls … you can finish it from there

  12. She’s literally just a punching bag I feel so bad

  13. Alexandra still looks stunning

  14. the amount of incels and misogynists in the comments is really sad tbh

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