LAST MOMENTS! Magnus Carlsen Beats Alireza Firouzja in World Rapid Chess Championship 2021

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  1. It truly is incredible to be that one player that everyone loses to. I can’t even imagine what that must feel like. Alireza has a long way to go still, but Carlsen makes it look easy and Alireza is literally the No. 2 in the world. It’s crazy.

  2. You can the hear the Firouzja bandwagoners fall off the cart with loud thuds already

  3. After this Magnus vs Grischuk. And people say my prediction Grischuk have a chance is stupid prediction. (Although my prediction is on blitz section not rapid, but well)

  4. This was the guy you were cheering for the next candidate ahead of the likes of Cruana and co? What a joke! I get it that Caruana and the others have had their chance in the past to challenge Magnus but they are still miles ahead of Alireza. Even though this is just rapid and not classical, Alireza has a long way toward the World Championship while you guys need to relax and chill a little bit.

  5. First let Ali match Magnus in rating points in every time format then assume him as Magnus's opponent in next WCC

  6. If alireza makes it to next world champs vs carlsen, would probably be a bigger stomp than against nepo…..

    just saying…

  7. I want to see the match between magnus karlson vs vishwanath anand

  8. Alireza is still only 18 guys.
    Yeah there are other great players with great consistency, but they are all at or past their peak.
    The reason Magnus is more excited about playing Alireza than any other player is the likelihood he's not even attained his final form.
    When you're a top 3 GOAT player, you want to test yourself against the next big thing instead of proving, again, you can beat the usual suspects.

  9. I mean Alireza is great in classic, but there are almost 200 points of different between them in this format, so this is hardly a surprise, no? especially playing with black.

  10. 18 y/o Alireza loses to Magnus Carlsen, reigning 5-time world champion and highest rated player of all time
    Haters: hurr durr he's so bad hurr overrated durrrr

  11. you can hear alireza arguing with the officials again, cos the tea was too cold..

  12. Why Magnus is the best, let me explain. This guy plays perfectly, just like a 3000 level computer. Solid, no mistakes. When I put his game to the analysis I see he always chose the best moves. So, the only thing you can beat him is trying to entice him or push run out of his time. No other way to beat.

  13. Sorry…I'm distracted by the female photographer in the background.

  14. We all need to appreciate how great Fabi played as a contender

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