Knightmare but for whom? | Vidit Gujrathi vs Magnus Carlsen | World Rapid 2023

This game features high class endgame lesson show by one player to another. But who plays better? Is it Vidit Gujrathi or is it Magnus Carlsen? This game took place in the 6th round of the World Rapid Championships 2023.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. stop your fucking forecasting we cant able to follow chess moves

  2. MAGNUS teching create that much pressure opponent cant handle

  3. What a great conversation. I could hear Vidit say how they should do the real fight offboard to see who is really stronger.😂

  4. Let's hear the conversation
    The conversation: shshshsh, ugsghshshdh.

  5. At some point of time, I thought, knights would play major role in the game but never like this, MC ❤

  6. what interesting is always the talking of them after the game………the expression sooo stress relief!

  7. 0:25 Secret or meditation before the match:

    Commentator: "He is doing something that is definitely working for him".

    Magnus proceeds to win.

  8. What an intelligent conversation, the tactics that Magnus taught, damn 🔥

  9. Your vindows has a wirus. I will help you with each and everything 😅😅😅😅😅

  10. Fantastic game and credit to Both players. Keep these battles coming , nice to see there is still some mental sanity on the planet!

  11. Good game. Good commentry sagar bhai.

  12. Vidit is just a kid infront of GREAT MAGNUS CARLSEN

  13. Let's hear the conversation: pssshdhshsdslelensbbs

  14. The funny thing I noticed is that Vidith, who is a top Indian Grand Master, arrives and starts his prayer. On the contrary, Magnus enters slightly later and touches his pieces with his left hand, an act any Indian couldn't think of. As Indians, we only use the right hand for auspicious beginnings. There was no prayer from his side, and he very confidently beat the Indian. I think prayers are the last resort of a man who has no confidence at all. It will eventually drain the last bit of our self esteem.
    I have seen such farce from his contemporaries, like Pragnanandha. He is also very fond of rituals. We Indians are behind no one when it comes to intellectual ability. The lack of confidence is the only factor that withdraws us from major events. I presume that is definitely a by-product of the beliefs and prayers instilled in the core of every Indian. It needs to be studied by social scientists.

  15. This man resetting the pieces and clock should excuse himself for a few moments while these two champions discuss history together. I don’t care if the prime minister or supreme leader orders him to interrupt them. He is zero on the importance level here and should bug off for a few minutes.

  16. Vidid such a great player🎉🎉🎉he almost catch Carlsen just have minor mistakes…

  17. 10:55 can sb explain to me what was that pon g5 to h6 and take pon from h5

  18. kuch samajh nahi aaya, par sunkar achha laga

  19. Magnus ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Magnus endgame and how he handled his knight is just amazing

  21. Such a methodical, logical game. Extremely instructive to just watch it and listen to the commentary. Thank you for posting this. Magnus Carlson is amazing.

  22. Magnus- "Dil Chhota na kar, world champion se haara h tu"

  23. We are so lucky to see Carlsen still playing. The best player of 21st century clearly.
    Now I understand better huge disappointment and frustration of chess fans when Fischer quit playing at age of 29 years.( Carlsen is now 33 y.o. ) Fischer came back briefly 20 years later to play high prize money rematch against Spassky, but this was not the same any more. They both were way past their primes

    Carlsen is still in his prime. I hope he will play on this high level few more years, he obviously prefers now fast time controls, but it is still very exciting to watch

  24. 20:00 couldn't Vidit go —- Knight (B3),
    Magnus King (B3),
    Vidit King (F6),
    Magnus Knight (D8) Probably to defend the Pawn at (E6),


    Vidit King (E7),

    Then Magnus must had to move his Knight, and then….

    Vidit King (E6) Chopping that Pawn, and……


    Please let me know if I am Wrong. 🙃🙃🙃

  25. I gave a thumbs up because of your commentary, not so much the game !

  26. I have watched 2 adds of 20 seconds so please this be worth watching

  27. Well, g4-g5- h4 plan is super nice for attacking but in the endgame prooved weakness. So Magnus managed to zungzwang white's both knights in awful positions, attacked and won the weakness and the game. Beautifully done.

  28. the flow of air around them was louder than their convo at last

  29. I want to see vidit vs magnus blindfold match ❤❤

  30. As usual Magnus bhaiya late hi aaye h😅😅😅
    Magnus bhai ka bhi late aane k piche koi ritual jarur hoga😅😅😅

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