King’s Gambit! | Ian Nepomniachtchi vs David Paravyan | Rapid Championship 2022

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the gameIan Nepomniachtchi vs David Paravyan. Support on Patreon: 🔥 ►Support via PayPal (💲):
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  1. Anytime is a great time to talk about the King’s Gambit! Except maybe:

    So, Mr. Smith. What qualifies you most to work at our daycare center?

    The King’s Gambit! Attack, attack, attack! Crush them into dust!!

    Well thank you for your time sir, good day.

  2. Phenomenal analysis. Actually, best chess analysis on YT.

  3. g4!
    Ng8+ would be an automatic move for most players.

  4. are you going to cover some alireza game from today? amazing perfomance from him

    by the way, love from brazil, youre my favorite chess analyst

  5. White castles queenside after a KG opening. Never seen anything like this. Nepo for president

  6. 👍Scarcity of History on Lame-Duck Champions.
    Was Lasker a Lame-Duck Champion on the eve of his match against Capablanca?
    If Magnus decides to rejoin the next championship cycle, does he as a Lame-Duck champion get an automatic spot in the Candidates, or does he have to start at an earlier stage?

  7. Nepo kept nudging black with problems to keep the initiative

  8. Outstanding video with very clear explanation

  9. Fantastic content and analysis as always!

  10. A great game, I love my Kings Gambit. Enthusiastic analysis, thanks Daniel and keep up the good work.

  11. It’s quite encouraging to know that I would have played the first 20 moves exactly the way Nepomniachtchi did. His course on the king’s gambit is simply phenomenal I highly recommend it.

  12. You watch to much Netflix 4:16 "QueensGambit", no offense, h5 & h4! 😁

  13. Great lesson Mr King, Nepo back to the romantic era of chess, channeling his inner Bronstein/Spassky/Spielmann.

  14. what is the benefit of learning kings gambit?current trend is QGD and nimzo indian,ruy lopez etc

  15. Zugzwang not in an endgame, is great stuff!!

  16. I love your videos dani, thanks alot for sharing your knowledge and your kind personality with us. I have a question, Why black could'nt just wait by moving the rock in e8 insted of Qxe4?
    I mean there was no need to take the pown black also can just wait and see how white wants to continue.

  17. Daniel,have you any plans for a follow up to your king's gambit on chessbase? A part 2 with more lines or a chessable course? Thank you…

  18. Dear Danial, International Young Man. I love your videos and watch them daily.
    Nobody is pronouncing Nepo's last name correctly and I would like for you to be an exception.
    Here is how to do it NEPO-NO-WHICH. The last 5 laters is a common english word "which". Thare in no stress on any of the 3 parts, just pronounce them as one word.

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