Jan-Krzysztof Duda vs Magnus Carlsen | The knightmare begins! | World Blitz 2023

It was one of the fiercest games of the World Blitz 2023 as GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda was up against GM Magnus Carlsen (2887) in the eighteenth round. Watch the intense game between the two world-class players to see what happens.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. To be honest it feels incomplete without your commentary,please add your commentary too

  2. End game Mai magnus bhai k samne koi bola sakta h kya Magnus bhaaaaiiiiiiii

  3. Don't know why Duda bothers playing against Magnus as the result is forgone conclusion. He should just give walkover anytime he faces Carlsen to save his embarrassment 😂

  4. Duda hates Magnus so much, it’s so nice to see his angry face when he resigns against the goat 🐐 hahaha

  5. So Magnus can be in charge of Napoleons reserve calvary corps , he maneuver his horses mighty well

  6. Dudes got bad dandruff…is that what magnus wiped off the board?

  7. Where is my favourite commentry 😢

  8. Voiceover would be great. I'm a newbie to chess…. I don't understand half of the stuff ..

  9. We want this matches with your commentary ser its makes the game more enjoyable for us

  10. Crazy game. It was like watching two computers play each other.

  11. Carlsen is really abeast in the endings

  12. we missed a commentary in this match

  13. what made magnus beat duda is how carlsen made duda's knight is useless fantastic ending from carlsen


  15. I clicked the video not because of the thumbnail but because of the commentary but there's nothing 😢

  16. Magnus similar to Fischer in that they win drawn endgame positions.

  17. So awkward, right? Sitting at the same table with your opponent while waiting for the clock to start without saying anything. That is why Magnus often comes late to the game. He wants to avoid such awkwardness.

  18. I though the guy in the back had a RAW sweater

  19. WHY you chess idiots do not talk or look on your faces????

  20. WHY do we not talk together chess masters or idiots?

  21. Why duda didnt takes knight with rookh instead of pawn? 5:05?

  22. Magnus' black Queen and b pawn are darker than the rest of his pieces

  23. Dear admin,did nakamura also join this tournament?

  24. The best endgame player in the world won an endgame.

  25. We make the best chess videos, but no one watch it 🙂

  26. en una partida rápida … puede ganar cualquiera … desmerece la victoria de quién sea …

  27. Please make the videos as they were.
    Add your commentary please😭

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