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  1. Another thing that I very much want to compliment you on and that's how you handle the topic of accusations of cheating. It's a very polarizing situation when it arises. Accusations of cheating are one of my pet peeves and generally speaks more of the character and insecurities of the accuser even when it's true.Suspicions on Game 2 certainly crept in, I'm not going to lie. Accuracy PLUS speed is pretty surreal. I even took the time to look him up and I'm still really not sure. The one pawn "blunder" kept it pretty real for me… might be a good blitz variation and I probably would have sacced immediately to open it up before he set up that kingside attack… but it's not a good engine move and I can't imagine it would be a good long-term PLUS for this player's rating if he relies on it.But to the detractors, Nelson pointed out that he didn't really have his best game and didn't challenge the other player much. If I were across the board and really familiar with these lines (e.g. maybe it's my go-to for blitz games), I'd be thinking on Nelson's time so my moves would take none of my time, either. I hit on the Traxler back in the 80s because Fried Liver was all the rage and my opponents were ALWAYS in time trouble and I was not.The move that triggered me was actually the very last one. The rook lift was so precise and so fast. Your king flight choice was probably not accurate so he could not have pre-calculated it… and he responded immediately with a precise flurry of attacks.Could be that good. Could have lucked into that line (because he's so good). Or… engine. At that moment, it felt like the last.

  2. Good game to watch and learn from. Reminds me that I need to slow down on my moves. I am losing lately because I move in half the time. I end up coming up with most of your moves if I take the time you do. At half time, I came up with losing moves again. Thanks for the steady game and reminder Nelsi!

  3. The music is annoying tbh, no hate just feedback

  4. Is there perhaps a way to have the music during the live-stream but not in the replay? Music is perfectly relaxing when watching the stream, but when watching the replay at 1.5x (or faster), it is a bit disturbing.

  5. I like the rapid time format it gives you more time to explain your moves. Thanks for uploading and I agree with the others I can do without the music what you are saying is interesting enough to listen to 🙂

  6. Two things:
    1) Music – my wife was laughing at the music choices a couple of times during your evaluations the other day. She thought it sounded a bit like p*rn. But we don't know what that is, so you be the judge.
    2) In this first game, Alex's time management is poor. 4 minutes for the first 6 moves? You don't need to blitz them but you should know your mainlines.

    @12:23, I like Queen takes and castle long. His queen is kind of misplaced and him opening up the king side for your rook is doing you a big favor.

    @31:37 I had been eyeing the Bishop sacrifice for quite awhile and I think it works now.
    Bxg2 Kxg2
    Nh4+ Kh1
    Qh3 Bf3
    Nxf3 forking the Rook & Queen
    … RxN
    QxR+ Qg2
    Rxe3! The Rook protects your Queen which is pinned and your Queen protects your Rook.

    The gaps are if he move Kg3 instead of Kh1 and if he finds another defense after NxB.

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