I’m the #1 Rapid Player in the World

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  1. I think its safe to assume this guy's farts are completely silent.

  2. Magnus: I am number 2 which is close to first.
    Eric: You are 2nd because that's the best you could get. I am 1st because that's as high as there is to get….

  3. Eric, did you let magnus play under your account? Lol jk!

  4. We're all gonna fkin make it bro thats it

  5. Some would say playing chess with chat is cheating. Is the number one Rapid player in the World a Cheater? Chess Drama?!

  6. Eric is the number 1 rapid player out of 45M players. Including Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru, Wesley So … you have to admit that's really really good.
    You should support these guys.

  7. his mic looks so expensive but sounds so bad

  8. Yes! Definitely more longer games! Eric is a great chess teacher – should do a full series of longer games.

  9. @1:18. "….the Austrian attack…..has no relation to Hitler…..😅 "

  10. 2900 rating vs 1200 rating? really???😳

  11. Tactical brilliance (getting back on top of Carlson lol)

  12. Genuine question. What happen to the blonde guy? Is this is original chess brah guy?

  13. i mean no one plays rapid so its not as big of an achievement as you would think at first

  14. Little late for a April fools joke but the attempt is still appreciated

  15. just wanted to mention that on the leaderboard anish giri almost has the same number of draws as wins…

  16. wow don't listen to tis guys chess advice guys xDD. fun games tho

  17. Genuinely asking, how is he rated higher than players that are stronger than him?

  18. At 6 minutes and 40 something seconds when you move your knight I felt like you could have put the bishop on the on D4 then moved your Pawn forward to attack the horse and open up the lane to your opponents black Rook. Just a thought though cuz you're the number one guy so I should be listening to you honestly

  19. bruh playing someone who is literally 1,000+ elo below him 😂

  20. Eric I am a fellow Canadian and huge fan of your YouTube and Twitch content. Please notice me. ☺️

  21. It seems like it’s hard to get a high elo in rapid. Magnus is like 3000 plus in blitz and classical so is Hikaru but in rapid for some reason they can’t break the 3k elo mark online I wonder why.

  22. 16:56 As one of the politicians he provided special favors I can confirm 😏

  23. Beating a 1200 Makes You Number ONE!!!!! FEW TIME LEFT TO BE OUT OF STOCK

  24. Trampas
    Leer los análisis dn línea de los usuarios y poner jugada 😢

  25. Where tf is Dr Mayonnaise’s comment? 😤

  26. Yes you are here for that comment, you know what it is 😹😭

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