I Played the Orthoschnapp Gambit in a Serious Tournament | Dubai Rapid Chess Round 4

In this video, I analyze my round 4 game from the Dubai Rapid Tournament. The game features the sharp and tricky Orthoschnapp Gambit against the French Defense.

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  1. Damn, that's embarrassingly bad play for an IM

  2. Why aren’t you playing in the rapid word championship?

  3. dis seems fun but it's so tricky tho ,,i don't guess it's a good idea to play this as a 1500 player

  4. That was a very weak IM…

  5. 7:52 can black not just block with queen on g5, protecting the bishop and still winning the rook? am i missing something?

  6. How is he an IM if he never even hit the 2200 mark? Not even close to it.

    Classical peak: 2142 elo.
    Rapid peak: 2102 elo.
    Blitz peak: 2163 elo.

  7. Jonathan Schrantz creamed his Pantz over this video.

  8. Awesome game, and I’m really loving this video series and all the excellent content. Thanks Eric!

  9. Metaschnapp and Paraschnapp are fragrant alternatives.

  10. I wonder if the reason Eric is concealing his opponent's name is because he didn't want to embarrass him?

  11. 3:21 when white plays Nd3 black can move Qb4 force a trade. If you dont trade the bishop could be taken or the B2 pawn exposed.

  12. Opponents progressively getting stronger.
    Also Eric : this was the easiest game

  13. In the last round game pls show the standings of the tournament

  14. 4:20 wouldn't d2+ be kinda annoying? Although I guess after Kf1 I'd still pick white.

  15. Great for the winner, no so much for the spectator.

  16. Hi, Can you tell me the name of the software then you used for play please ? Thank you

  17. That’s why I kind of hate the gambits. They may backfire.

  18. levy said that the Orthoschnapp gambit is a really gangster gambit

  19. Great video. Eric is very calm and good at explaining. I never seen that gambit line but agree it look interesting against french players that prefer closed, strategic positions.

  20. Eric had an itch to play gambits. What a strong feeling.

  21. Eric your talent is in tactics , I really don't know why in classic games you play solid. if you play what you are good at , there is good chance of creating a new TAL, hahah. I love your play and channel

  22. 4:25 Is that pawn just a gonner or a counter gambit?

    As Black, after White's Be3, I like to push the pawn for check. The Bishop is pinned so all legal moves lose castle rights for White.

  23. I've picked up chess over the past year or so being stuck at home and I am very grateful for content like yours and Levi's because it has helped me understand the game and improve. Hope you have a great new year Eric

  24. 7:50 Eric doesn’t actually have Qg4+ to win the bishop, black can block with Qg5 which protects the bishop and black would end up winning the exchange if queens traded. White’s bishop defends g5 but would be pinned to the king by black’s rook

  25. Great news for us true believers
    I'll definitely be trying the Orthoschnap gambit

  26. Nice tactics! But in fact the takeaway is : this is a bad opening, but if your opponent doenst play well you still win?

  27. Insane how research on your opponent pays off. Great win Rosen. Also important to study up on how to counter gambits lol

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