I Fought a Grandmaster – Dubai Rapid Chess Round 5

In this video, I share my round 5 game from the Dubai Chess Club Rapid Tournament against GM Viorel Iordaschescu, from Moldova. The later part of the video features GoPro footage from the game itself, so be sure to watch until the end!
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  1. I'm a very poor player, but when you moved your pieces away to the Queen's side while his pieces still had access to your castled King's side, I thought that was trouble?

  2. Happy new year, Eric. You're my most favorite chess player ever.

  3. I genuinely read the title as “I Fought a Grandmother” and I was fkn confused to say the least…

  4. Why did Eric say at 12:17 that it wasn't possible for white to take en passant because it is illegal? I think en passant was an option.

  5. Great game! I liked watching the live commentary

  6. I was looking at the move d3 at the end the whole time. Turns out I was half right with my intuition to move the night and attack the queen. Thought after d3, bishop d3, queen d3, i have time to survive.

  7. you were becoming too powerful so they had to bring in a gm to try and stop you

  8. Maybe dumb question, but what happens if there is a perpetual check? Will it not lead to a Stalemate?

  9. This is the most complicated game I have ever seen.

  10. Do u need to get invited to such tournaments or u get to know it by various sources becz I myself am looking forward to consider chess as my career option but am not quite convinced about how to progress in such a narrow career path with almost no guidence

  11. I felt like Nc7 was the best move while you were showing the game
    Definitely didn't see it through but it seemed like it covered some important threats

  12. Eric, thank you for being so humble in defeat. I appreciate this with strong players like yourself and other YouTube personalities. 🙂

  13. Well played, Eric. It's always hard to watch you lose, but (win or lose) always love your content!

  14. Wow, super strong play from your opponent! Those extra few hundred rating points are very hard to earn 😬

  15. I love this serie and i love u Eric
    ❤️Go ahead

  16. It sought creator . . . are fish brother . . . i found iron fist . Brant down on the farm said with a dang glint in his eye, "Between the one and other Stonewall, is the passkey to the butter.'"

  17. Cool to watch the tail end of the match and that “engine vision” at the end looked impossible.
    I wonder is there a player that is especially good at finding “engine like” moves OTB?

  18. Iordachescu is pronounced differently. The che sounds like the Spanish que. So is Iorda-que-scu.

  19. Loved seeing the live video along with the commentary, it made it very heart pumping to watch

  20. Well, Eric, it was an OTG, so it wasn't likely that anyone can cheat with an engine. If accused, stay put and have yourself inspected head to toes. Best wishes always, Mark Pullen

  21. man your videos are the best ASMR videos ever. I fall asleep every single time.

  22. "That's not how en passant works" because it's not en passant lol

  23. When I saw the title I hoped that you had pulled a Nakamura

  24. He may be a GM Eric, but at least you know how to use your facemask smh

  25. The result doesn’t alter the fact that you still played a very impressive game Eric ……..a joy to watch 👌

  26. While promoting to a queen (17:40), one is not allowed to simply drop a queen and remove the pawn. You need to push the pawn and then swap it.

  27. idk – you defend playing e7-e6-e5 and like three moves later you're in trouble.

  28. Hi!

    Daddy here, I just want to say that I love your content Eric Rosen. You are such a dope YOUTUBER! GO ROSEN! poggers

  29. I love how you show your losses also Eric. You have a huge heart – love your stuff.

  30. How could you be accused of cheating if you made an outstanding move?

  31. 12:56 here the powerful move 29. Bxc5 is completely winning here is how it goes:
    29. Bxc5 dxc5 30. d6 Qb8 31. e7 Nxd6 32. exd8=Q Qxd8 33. Nxb6 Qxb6 34. Bd5+ Nf7 35. Qe2 g6 36. Qe5 Qd6 37. Ra1 Qxe5 38. fxe5 Be7 39. Kg3 Kg7 40. Ra7 Kf8 41. Ra8+ Nd8 42. Kf4 h6 43. Ke3 Bg5+ 44. Ke2 Ke7 45. Ra7+ Kf8 46. d4 cxd4 47. Kd3 Be7 48. Kxd4 h5 49. Ra6
    EDIT: nvm Eric shows it lol

  32. GM Lordaschescu had the oxygen advantage since he was smart enough to wear his mask as a chinstrap! 😉

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