How to Play the Stafford Gambit Declined – Dubai Rapid Chess Round 8

In this video, I share my round 7 game from the Dubai Chess Club Rapid Tournament. The game featured an instructive battle emerging from a Stafford Gambit Declined.
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  1. These videos are so helpful and instructive. Thank you.

  2. There should be a rule in chess prohibiting a Stafford gambit decline.

  3. Very interesting game. Stockfish makes us all humble!

  4. I really enjoy your break downs Eric. You do have a very calming instructive voice. I’m enjoying chess a lot more from watching everything I can from you 👍👍

  5. At the low levels like me (800~900 blitz), players with the black pieces make a very common mistake against me if I play Qe2 after Kxe4, pinning the knight to the king, and then a lot of people try to defend the knight with d5 or f5 thinking that you want to take with the queen, but after white plays d3 the knight will be lost because it's still pinned. I won counteless knights playing this line as white. The proper way for black to defend is Qe7.

  6. Just as you should never get involved in a land war in Asia or go against a Sicilian when death is on the line – so too should you never go into a Stafford Gambit against Eric Rosen :).

  7. So much more relaxing than Levy's tournament updates 🙂 Thanks Eric, good game.

  8. Literally loled at the title… I mean think about this.. if it wasn't for Eric's youtube channel, people wouldn't be "declining" the Stafford Gambit. After all, they wouldn't be afraid of it. But because of Eric Rosen, there can now be such a thing as "The Stafford Gambit Declined." Lol! Thanks for making the world of chess a richer place, Eric!

  9. Did find Bh5 but almost certainly wouldve just taken the queen after Rxe5, dxe5 is insane lol

  10. So after Ne3 fork can't white play Rh1 with the idea of Bh5 (maybe even with intermediary f5) winning back rook on e8?

  11. I like the content, however he put so many ads in between and disturbing.. 6 of 15 sec ads… wtf?

  12. OH NO! my chess… is getting better – thanks to you Eric 🙂

  13. 8:26 Why not Qg5 instead of Qh6? You get a double attack on two pawns this way

  14. What about Qg5 instead of Qh6? Provokes Kf2 from white because u r targeting d3 and g2 winning the rook

  15. 15:07 how were you able to continue playing after the excruciating pain of the brick?

  16. I’m sorry but I really want you to lose the last game so you’ll be 6/9 (nice)

  17. No one who knows anything about chess falls for the Stanford Gambit🤣

  18. 23:31 I have won and lost a queen from this exact trick far too many times..

  19. god reading this comment section, his communities so wholesome

  20. Round 1 was the Foreprimultrasuprapropreantepenultimate in case you wanted to know. Subtract one prefix per number until you reach round 9 (the ultimate round).

  21. The wonderful moment where (with pausing..) you see both of stockfish's best moves 😀

  22. It is much easier to find tactics when the game reaches a tactics pause.

  23. Neiman: trade queens with me
    Eric: I appreciate your proposition, sir, but I have to decline.

  24. sex talk over the board: she 'Oohh your bishop is still at baseline'. he: 'oh your queens are hanging'

  25. Cant believe people decline fun chess. Its like saying no to the evans gambit and going into a closed position

  26. When opponent castled 13:18 you had Rook e5! BAM! pawn can't take cuz of mate and if they take the pawn, u just push your E pawn.

  27. I found both moves you told us to find! I'm getting better at spotting them! 😁

  28. I played the stafford against an ICC character and he played c3 then d4 against Bc5 ..any ideas on how to respond to this?

  29. I found both pause the video moments. With the knight sac and the bishop sac. But I feel like I would not find these resources unless someone told me to look for them. Anyone else?

  30. Hey what happened in Round 9?? No video??? 🙁

  31. At 11:16 if you would have taken with your queen his rook, you later could have come down to the first row and put him in check and then when he got out of check you could have gone down and got his other rook!

  32. oh did he never post the final game of this tournament??

  33. how to you make those red arrows and circles? I can only make them green…

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