How To Get 1000 In CHESS!

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  1. Why does levy sound like a male andrea botez in this clip?

  2. I've been stuck at 1150 limbo for awhile

  3. Ive never played much chess and i was like 600 – 700 and i learned 2 openings. One for black and one for white. And between a week of just playing between 1 – 5 games a day i reached 1000 in without trying i didn't even try to climb. And i even just quitted winning games because i got shit to do in real life and didn't really care. Just two opening and most people just pretty much defeated themselves.

  4. Currently 1100-1150 ish myself (I forget), I legitimately started out in August as playing chess off and on but not seriously for years. As soon as I found Levy I started watching his opening videos. I don’t even know much theory at all, I just know what looks better generally.

  5. How i reach 1000? Watch alot of agadmator on grandmaster games. And then play alot and learn openings from levy's videos , and then watch gmhikaru speedruns vs his fans(scrubs and eye tracker speedrun) and voila.

  6. Instructions unclear, accidentally became a 100 rated player.

  7. I used to be 1300… Recently though I've revisited chess… Dusted off a bit of the rust. But noticed my ability to now be closer to 1200.

    I'm still remembering all the openings, the counters and the fundamentals, however I think the pool of people has gotten stronger – now that it isn't so diluted with the people that all played during the lockdown boom.

    Seems like a lot of the residual players out there still playing have much more hunger for the game and for finding new strategy.

  8. white can play Qb3/f3 at the end? Still losing but not mate

  9. Me here tryna hit 1200, currently at 1189 my highest ever

  10. Can we have a part 2 "how to get 2000 in chess"?

  11. I would say just getting the checklist right will get you over 1000. So basically look at every piece before making a move to make sure some fianchetto'ed bishop in the corner can't take your queen, and look at checks, captures.

  12. please make a video on the main channel of this game with live reactions please

  13. Chess at this level is not about being logical, but getting into the mindset of a complete idiot to beat them at their own game. In normal games, I get an accuracy of 85-93 but when the moron in front of me starts swinging a stick in the air and screaming nonsense, I get scared and get 45 accuracy. Like… I know that moving the queen in the opening is a mistake, but it still looks scary as fuck and I (as most of us at this level) still shit my pants.

  14. to get 1000 you need to start as 1500 and lose a bunch

  15. i need "how To Get 2000 In CHESS!
    " im already 1400

  16. Honestly same advice applies to the 1400-1600 level too. In bullet especially, I struggle against weird stuff because I know it is wrong but don't have the time to figure out how to punish it correctly. In daily I can usually figure out how to punish the opening but I am still good for blundering the middle game.

  17. thanks gotham, was 1500 and with you tops got to 1050

  18. Pfft, I remember when I got to 1000. I remember the struggle to get to that landmark achievement. Looking back on it, I almost can't believe I played that poorly. It seems like it was just yesterday I was tipping over into 4 digits… it might have been, or maybe the day before that. I can't really remember. Point is, This video can't provide any useful information now that I'm 1015 😎

  19. I played chess every day and jumped from 1200 to 1700 in seven months.

  20. This is one of your best video on Gotham Clips, it's so hype and positive, great stuff

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