How Nepo Won The 1st Rapid Chess Championship Week

The first weekend of Rapid Chess Championship action was full of drama! Watch today’s Rapid Recap as GMs Robert Hess and Daniel Naroditsky relive a tense final between world #7 Anish Giri, and 2021 World Championship challenger, Ian Nepomniachtchi!

Rapid Chess Championship 2022:

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  1. Да! Наш! Русский, земляк

  2. No, i am better, i have never lost a game to a gm, im obviously better

    (This is a joke lmao)

  3. Your consistency and quality of content never disappoints!

  4. Nah he lost to nordirbek lol

    In all seriousness he is an amazing player

  5. No he is not, the best player is Abdussatorov!

  6. yall really gonna name the vid that after having had all those magnus invitanionals?

  7. First of all it was not rapid chess. It was a joke what chesscom pulled out.
    10min …1 game…
    TB … 1 game…. Bμllshit

  8. Nah, Ian is only 3rd in the world at rapid. Magnus and Nakamura are above him in terms of rating. People say nordirbek because he won the world rapid but that tournament was a swiss tournament, not head to head, meaning he didnt get to play with both pieces against others. Not to take away his incredible achievement from him but he needs to prove in more than 1 competition that he is better

  9. Is this event uploaded anywhere or live only?

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