Hilarious Rapid Fire with GM Vidit Gujrathi

Join us for an exciting rapid-fire session with chess grandmaster Vidit Gujrathi! Watch as Vidit answers a series of quickfire questions with wit and charm. This video is packed with fast-paced fun, from his favourite chess strategies to his funniest moments on the chessboard. Get ready for an engaging and casual chat with Vidit Gujrathi that will leave you entertained and wanting more! Don’t miss out!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. i thought soumya swaminathan ws taking the interview

  2. These questions should be asked for Bollywood celebrities who need to be stay relevant at all times. What a weird question to ask for a Chess grandmaster that whether he wanna dump or date another fellow chess player! You should also ask Sania Mirza whether she wanna dump or date Federer, let's see how appropriate that looks.

  3. That awkward question was surely inspired by "Koffee With Karan".. 😂 Checkmate, Stalemate, or Draw – could have been good options there.. Lol

  4. Describe your playing style in one word:

  5. What a refreshing n fun rapid fire…loved it..except the date, dump n marry question with 2 men in the list 😂😂…

  6. That date and dump question was really weird. 😬

  7. He had the option to swap with Vishy ❤. He also won 5 times world championship. But our Indian players dont know how to respect the Legend. Because of vishy india has reach this far

  8. Guys the marry date dump question is not literal question , its just a fun and its asked irrespective of gender !!Why are people so pressed about it ! its a common question on western shows/podcasts!

  9. Another question for this series could be with different openings Main, Blitz Weapon or Never play

  10. I see Vidit is learning from hikaru to give one word answers.

  11. i wonder how Anish would answer that dump marry date question

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