Hikaru’s Thoughts On Rapid Chess and $1m Chess.com Global Championships

@GMHikaru joins @akaNemsko ahead of the Chess.com Global Championship in Toronto!

Check out Hikaru’s videos from Toronto:

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  1. Is Hikaru blushing? Chesss nerd on seeing a pretty lady, could get smitten..

  2. Weird choice by Duda to play the bongcloud in such a big event. Props to Hikaru for not countering it!

  3. Nemo is gtreat, Danya is great, otherwise get Howell back !

  4. I think these two make a great couple

  5. He basicly says " I literally don't care" at the end

  6. pretty girl. true her parents bought her titles???????

  7. Nemo with her hoarse voice sounds like she's a more professional interviewer. 😀

  8. Its just fair to be "Finding Nemo" there in Toronto she was originally based there.

  9. Did Nemo party too much last night or has she started smoking 10 packs of cigs per day?

  10. Chess interviews are often cringe, but here we had some well framed questions. Been an admirer of Nemo for a while.

  11. No idea why Nemo plays chess when she could make millions as a model

  12. Great interview, great shots, despite the sore throat you nailed it!

  13. Nakamura says rapid is a "truer" test of your skill, in that Case Niemanns skill should be pretty well given how good he performs in rapid games 😀 And you probably cant get some morse code from your beads in rapids right 😉

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