Hikaru vs. Ding Liren (Semifinal) | Speed Chess Championship 2021

The Main Event of the 2021 Speed Chess Championship runs from November 8 until the finals on December 19, 2021. The $100,000 prize fund and the 2021 Chess.com speed chess championship title are up for grabs.

Full event details:

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  1. wow that was intense. Hikaru hyping himself up had me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. 4:24:01 stockfish 14 says it's a draw, white sacs the queen and plays knight and rook vs blacks queen and threatens to push the a pawn, black settles for a draw with perfect play. Idk why in game eva bar shows black winning

  3. Ding, don't feel bad. You're a great chess player and a great guy

  4. I like the commentators. They're chill, get along with each other, and have good insights.

  5. I can’t believe I doubted the GOAT for a second there. I was the edge of my seat the whole time. What a nail biter.

  6. Amazing match, took me 2 days to complete the video, but worth it!

  7. Im like a kid by intensely getting excited on how the match would turn out from rapid to bullet back to armageddon!

  8. i dont understand why you have to move the peices, just say what you mean or leave it at arrows, i like to think what i would do i understand im not at your level but i cant see 768k being either

  9. 4:22:20 In the last game, can you explain how E7 and then B6 is a good move by white?

  10. I'm impressed how fast Daniel spots the moves.

  11. I wanted ding to win, but a great show nonetheless

  12. Anyone know why alireza absent from this SCC Tourney?

  13. To be honest before the match I was almost sure Ding Liren was going to win.

  14. I would have enjoyed this video more if the commentators were not both sycophantic puppies

  15. unwatchable because these turkeys keep moving the pieces in 'hypothetical' moves. just wanted to watch some great games..not play sherlock holmes and figure out which moves were actually in-game and which moves were the turkey commentary. gobble gobble

  16. Ding is lookin' to be in top form in all categories of chess. Hope he goes for the throne and train for candidates.

  17. Now we know why Ding is so strong after watching Hikaru vs wesley in finals

  18. 4:39:30 Naroditsky: what goes through your mind
    Nakamura: Yeeaaaah…

  19. Ding Liren has always been a genius, he could have been world champion if magnus didn't exist

  20. What happened to dings hairline it’s straight on one side and swoops on the other is that the barbers mistake or natural hairline

  21. ^Losing on time at this level is not polite

  22. Wait. Is Nakamura considered even stronger than Carlsen in this format? I am new to this and the commentators talk about him like he is an invisible demi-God.

  23. Daniel is so good in commentating this. You really see David struggling to get his head around all the complications in a timely manner but Daniel really area most of th ideas of the top players.

  24. Hikaru barely beat ding in the scc and ding had his revenge in the candidates by kicking hikaru out of 2nd place

  25. this goes to show how hikaru is the goat of Blitz chess. ding is no.2 chess player in the world with the second highest Elo and Hikaru is still beating everybody

  26. Absolutely brilliant games and commentary, throughly enjoyed the entire show! Thank you guys for the amazing content!!

  27. Ding has become the World classical champion congrats

  28. i got to be honest, Daniel is my least favorite commentator.

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