Hikaru Nakamura Premoves Entire Game to Defeat Magnus Carlsen | Chess.com

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Hikaru Nakamura premoves to Defeat Magnus Carlsen in all his moves on Chess.com. It’s just a meme, Magnus Carlsen can’t do such blunders in chess24 or chess.com so please don’t take it seriously.

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  1. I love how magnus has 100 wins and 1 draw

  2. It's evidently a fake video.. as we can see the taken pieces are already there from the start.. you can see this beside their names at the top and the bottom of the screen..

  3. Guys just read the checkmate screen and you will understand that it wasn't magnus

  4. I gotta keep coming back to this gem, props to the creator fr

  5. augh i just wish the 'You won!' screen was edited too this would look SOOOO real!!

  6. Opponent: shows up
    Hikaru: you've blundered mate in 20

  7. There is always something about seeing Hikaru doing a wide grin while premoving the whole game

    It's just so devious yet funny at the same time

  8. bro predicted the future there

  9. The fact that Magnus already looks confused even before the game starts

  10. Proof that he's cheating. He's got stockfish installed in his brain. Ask Elon.

  11. Hikaru doing half the premives while not even looking at his screen

  12. carlsen's footage is from his game with kasparov

  13. Bro what the absolut F 💀 Hikaru wouldnt be the same without premoves

  14. makes me wonder how is the score .5 – 100.5

  15. I have to admit I thought this was real 3 years ago when I was like 400 elo

  16. Is this real? I thought magnus was supposed to be good XD

  17. Bro therrd no way this is real magnus is the greatest chess player of all time there's no way he could precum all those moves and win no way bro

  18. Hikarus own reaction to this video was hilarious.

  19. This is without a doubt the BEST chess video ever.

  20. He saw the forced mate in 20 for black on turn 1. That’s why he’s GM

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