Hikaru Nakamura is coming here? | World Rapid and Blitz Day 2 Vlog!

You might have checked the first day vlog of Sagar Shah’s travel from Chennai to Samarkand. Once settled in his hotel, Sagar takes you on a journey inside the premises of silk road and shows you what is happening just a day before the World Rapid and Blitz is about to begin!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Happy to hear that Sagar and Vidit are vegetarian. Go vegan like Ben Finegold though!

  2. Sagar, fantastic vlogs. Please keep them coming. Bau saras che!

  3. We like the inside view of everything going on……just one suggestion use 4k 60 fps for shooting if it's on smartphone……some frame drops with current camera setting when you are constantly moving……or maybe due to the smartphone camera…..

  4. Clickbait trash. Info about Hikaru not clarified. Rated down.

  5. Me not being disappointed after sagar shah not clickbaiting me🙃

  6. Amazing vlog Sagar Sir ,looking forward to following the World's rapid andblitz through the channel.All the best to Vidit as well for the tournament

  7. Best people, and so beautiful city 😊🎉❤

  8. Vidit always on the phone is going to be a meme soon…

  9. 4:18 Sagar pls don't mixup family matters into chessbase.. i knw ur wife doesn't cook.. Punyatla pori lai shanya asta 😂

  10. Are you asking in thumbnail or thats what she said…

  11. India mein toh kabhi nahi hoga ye sab event. Itni gandagi hai yahan. Organize bhi thik se nahi hota

  12. Why Hikaru did not join this tournament??

  13. yeah prices here are bargain for tourist. But for local who earns perhaps 500 dollars in month, not so much…
    Surprised they even have a river there. I was always under impression that this was one hot desert city full of old castles and mosques

  14. They must spread the red carpet for Hikaru and his beautiful wife

  15. Sagar sir be taking inspiration from Marvel

    dropping those teasers and post credit scenes in the end and making the audience wonder😅

  16. Vidit on the phone is Saagar Bhai being honest but soon Vidit will tell Saagar Bhai to not say anything.

  17. Lot's of peace in his voice and the beauty in the vlog – Great work Sir.

  18. Veg or nonveg.. Win like Magnus.

  19. Great time for Indian Chess and wishing them all the best! Sagar Shah needs to learn how to be a chess commenter – check his emotions and take some oral communication lessons … he needs to be more of a pro than a novice …

  20. Sagar bhai would give these daily vloggers a run for their money if he started daily vlogging himself. Brilliant streamer, Great commentator, great presenter, Consistent supporter of chess, Excellent blogger, even better Vlogger….Is there anything this man can't do? (except getting the GM title)

  21. Be aware from talking with Al zazera Sagar bhai…you don't know in what context they will use it

  22. Hikaru playing this would be a great turn for the year <3

  23. The Silk Road City / The Eternal City. 👍 Brighton Café. Veggie eats. Wildr coins wait list. Gangnam Style. The Congress Center. The Chessbase India team! The intriguing question.

  24. Agar sach main khel raha hai toh aapne uska surprise kharab kar diya 😂

  25. 🎉 that last second credit scene 🤯

  26. VD is happy not because of Wildr. Candidate hai bhai apna Montii.. khush nahi hoga toh kya hoga..

  27. How do you make such good and peaceful video, Wowww😍😍😍 it's great really like your style of doing vlog🤗🤗..not like others who just throw up things ..
    We really enjoy this Sagar Sir please keep doing what you are doing 🙏

  28. Sagar showing every food item is just amazing.

  29. Pls ask them to wear shoes once the event begins. Thank you

  30. Thanks Sagar. Great updates. From Namibia

  31. Sagar to convert Uzbek currency into Indian is pretty easy…just divide by 150…why to first convert to us dollars.

  32. Sagarbhai – I love these Vlogs. I wish I could be there myself, but of course I can't and watching these Vlogs and the way you cover it gives me the next best thing. Please keep them coming, covering chess events of course but also all these side things, your trips to restaurants, hotel details and what not. The human side of chess players in small ways that can be shared. Finally, how are you crossing the river/canal as there does not appear to be no immediate bridge nearby?

  33. You guys do such amazing work to take some of us to places we will only dream about. Thank you for that! Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year to all!

  34. chessbase india best chessbase, germany chessbase meanwhile still stuckign in 90s coverage style xd

  35. Are sagar bhai ak iphone kharid lo video lag ho rha hai .. kya kroge itna paisa bachake

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