Hikaru Nakamura finishes last game of World Rapid 2022 in just 13 moves!

Hikaru Nakamura had 10 draws (out of 12) before he went to the final round of the World Rapid Championships 2022. Would he manage to finish on a high! He completed his game in just 13 moves! What happened? Check out the video to find out.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Drawkamura went undefeated this tournment well played to him 👏

  2. hikaru just sitting there waiting "where the f is everyone"??

  3. why is he drawing all his games? this guys is a legend hahaha, his opponent cant stop smiling

  4. When you and your beer buddy finishes the exam in just 5minutes then other students are looking at you. Hahahaha

  5. 11 draws. He needs to switch up his strategy. Win a few games. Play a bong cloud or a meme opening. Do anything for a win.

  6. Get rid of blitz and rapid. Combine bullet and classic into one format: 1 | 20

  7. Hold it in Hikarooo, hold it in PepeLaugh

  8. Hikaru is a word class actor hahah he would probably be good poker player.

  9. The end is too perfect – 'Life is full of exciting events'

  10. Meanwhile Those two players who were playing on right side of them : BRO WTF

  11. Why not capturing the pawn on d4 with the queen?

  12. I bet Hikaru was drawing arrows in his mind for the first 3 minutes.
    Later on, he was confused, that this platform does not allow to finish this game in 13 by premoves.

  13. imagine this in any other sport game should be law against this nonsense

  14. Guy looks like he went to the wrong table!! Or won a bet to be there😂😂

  15. Why do they draw and not just play? Can anyone explain me

  16. Why is everyone looking at everyone else's game while having their own game to play LMAO

  17. Can anyone understand and tell me please what Nakamura said at 3:40?

  18. I'm such a n00b. Can someone explain what is happening and why?

    Based on the context I am getting from the comments, one of these players (people seem to disagree on whom), silently offered a draw and the other player accepted. But why? Do they both get prize money if they draw?

  19. I’m gonna report this guy for stalling 😂

  20. I feel like Hikaru overthinks so much 😂😂

  21. Really should be against the rules. Draw past move 40 is a great rule that has been implemented in the past.

  22. There is a guy in the back that looks just like Nile red 🤣

  23. Bro whoever edited this YouTube video is greedy for money. Hit that 10 minute video mark by adding 5 minutes of nothing

  24. No doubt they made an agreement before the match it would be a draw. Look how both players do their best not to look at each other and not to laugh.

  25. Theory, star move, always result to be DRAW 😒.

  26. There is a lot of beta sissy boys there

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