Hikaru Flexes His Luck In the Rapid Chess Championship

Hikaru gets lucky in the swiss portion of the Rapid Chess Championship.


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  1. Beautiful game by Salem… Heartbreaking to see him blunder at the End.

  2. Hikaru used to be a go master, now he’s a chess master

  3. simon williams chessable just took a big hit after hikaru's killing of the black lion

  4. Hello guys ! At 15'48, Hikaru says that he can't take with is Bishop, but why ? thx ! =)

  5. 0:08 I also didn't get it at first but for the ones who still don't get it after rook c2 check, king to b4 or d5 he can take hikaru's bishop with the rook and then after king takes the rook bishop d6 checks king and takes the rook at the end the opponent would have a clean piece

  6. Why so many ads? This is worse than tv.

  7. Canty and Keti just vibing with the commentary,

    really adds to the video in my opinion

  8. Hikaru should actually start working out…thumbnail looks good on him

  9. It is the last blunder that decides a game, not the first

  10. Find your luck if Hikaru flexes his muscles

  11. If both the secondary commentators and Hikaru are speaking simultaneously, I'd rather hear what Hikaru has to say.

  12. no name so you won't search it up irl says:

    Hi I am 2781 player

  13. Salem is beast … brutal attack with black

  14. Keti … I just can't. WOW cuter then my golden retriever. 💁🤩

  15. Hikaru roasting GM repertoire 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. The video title should be changed probsbly. You don't flex luck. You flex muscles which is something you control. You press your luck, something you dont control. Honestly it's kind of an annoying title as it's not really a play on words and if it tried to be then it's a bad one.

  17. I dont even know how to play chess and yet im still watching this

  18. Not a blunder…. rc2+, kb4, rc5 hikaru has ra7+ then ra6+ and king can collect rook on c5

  19. That game was craaaaaazy 😅

  20. I like humble Hikaru
    Much better than arrogant Hikaru

  21. "Bortnyk is an easy cheese for me" -> Proves to be difficult
    "This philidor is trash" -> blunders against it…
    and so it goes…
    Typical Hikaru. Dont listen to him about his suggestions on whats good or bad. Just do your thing.

  22. These remind me of watching 100 rated games, the analysis bar keeps moving up and down every move and I don't understand any of their moves.

  23. 35:37 Wasn't Re2 winning for black? Attacks the queen, blocks the queens attack on the bishop

  24. Can someone explain why at 19:02 hikaru can't take the pawn with Knight? It's not like the Knight is protecting anything important, and black has no useful discovered attacks as far as I can see

  25. I love when he says “it’s ovar the game is ovar”

  26. Could someone tell me the timeline of this RCC? The videos are coming out without an order. How is our fav guy doing right now?

  27. 35:25 black queen to e2 is not good? Its a queen trade right? The pound is pinned white can not take the bishop.

  28. salim plays a therotical variation i had all the moves in my files and naka does not have a clue about the postion and says nonsence .. that is actually strange

  29. Chess is so brutal. You can play brilliantly for 60 moves, be completely winning, one small oversight and it was all for nothing.

  30. not gonna lie, hikaru is just a beast at defending

  31. Hikaru said he doesn't think he can lose the game. My immediate though: finally something I can do but hikaru can't in a chess game!

  32. Actually I checked that game from the intro with stockfish and even after rook c2 he was completely fine. After the rook takes his bishop, if he just plays Ra7+, Rc7 to block the check and then b6, he's still completely winning. Interesting position though.

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