Highlights video World Chess Championship 2018 – Magnus Carlsen win at Rapid tiebreaks

Magnus Carlsen won for the fourth time in a row his World Champion title against the Challenger Fabiano Caruana. After the 6 – 6 score in the classical chess games with the record of 12 draws, the World Champion gave an amazing performance winning 3 – 0 at the Rapid Tiebreaks.


  1. Someone found the advanced tools tab in their favorite editor.

  2. wtf? the purpose of 'highlights' in any sport or game is gameplay! da fuck is this … world chess my ass … show the moves, traps etc

  3. Okay this is a bit too much editing for my liking..those constant unfitting click sounds are not necessary

  4. Carlsen is the best chessplayer of all time

  5. Amazing highlight video! So artistic and emotional!

  6. Worst shit I've ever seen. What the hell was this?

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