Hans Niemann loses in just 3 minutes and 12 moves

Hans Niemann played a fine tournament at the World Rapid 2022 in the first half. But in the second half he slumped. This was one of his defeats in the penultimate round where he just resigned in 12 moves. He had more time on his clock when the game ended than what he began with.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. “The beads are back! Will they rescue Hans from the rear ranks?” — Chess Insider

  2. can someone explain why he lost? I dont get it.

  3. He is under survailance now and cannot cheat so instead he losses all games like he's an FM 🤣🤣

  4. bro was looking around when taking the pawn, he feels like this is stealing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Didn't even bother to arrange the pieces, unlike Carlsen.

  6. Very lazy fellow i think how he bocomes a Grand Master

  7. Hans was really plugged in. You could feel the vibrations of awesomeness through his chair.

  8. Hans seems like he is bore and fed up either with opponent or the game of chess. He acts as uninterested, demoralized, etc. I venture to say he is in the wrong sport. He should take up rock climbing or scuba diving.

  9. 1:24 the look on that guys face he couldn’t even look at the board lol 😂

  10. Even his name sounds like a Bond villian

  11. I don't know how you can see exactly what is going on from this angle. All I could tell was that there were a at least a couple of gambited pawns in it, a wild game.

  12. I love that Hans didn't BUZZ despite having a losing position

  13. Hans Niemann seems antipathic asf, trash player for sure

  14. what happened 😅? anal beads are not working 😂😂😂

  15. i'd like to say hans has a good sportsmanship

  16. 2:02 is the exact moment where his beads go crazy before a massive blunder

  17. Fun fact: both of these men beat Magnus Carlsen

  18. I didnt understand, where he lost? Im new in chess.

  19. Bizden bi şemseddin çıkar ifadesini alır

  20. Chess players are so bad at losing and hand shaking

  21. So Niemann forget to add his vibrating tool to his ass? Yeah, no wonder he lost 🤣

  22. And then the knight started to rotate unclockwise itself

  23. Can someone please explain why Hans had to resign? I can’t see why he did lol please help

  24. Since Hans has had all those cheating scandal accusations – Hans has not won a single tournament and has played poorly at times — i wonder why that is?

  25. The big blunder for Hans was move 11. Be7. Here is a game he played in March-22, in which the first 10 moves are identical to this game. But he then continued with the correct 11. Qe6. After queens exchanges, it is the right time to do 13. Be7. That game continued to a draw. But in the game of the video, he was rushed to play 11. Be7 BEFORE the queens exchanges, which is a blunder.

    Date: 2022.03.26

    Niemann, Hans Moke (2642) vs Hakobyan, Aram (2601)
    game id on lichess is NOp494MQ

  26. The penetrating beady eyes stare annulled any illusions of accomplishment.

  27. Dang, imagine watching someone fondle their face for 4 minutes straight and then you have to shake their hand after

  28. Rob Neuron - cоциально значимый контент says:

    They grumble at Niemann and continue to watch videos with him. I mean this dude would become immediately 1 mln subscribers if he would have a channel on youtube, the most of them would subscribe due grumbling. Psichologians can explain this, sadomasochism is a huge power.

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