Hans Niemann beats 2800+ rated Richard Rapport | World Rapid 2022

Hans Niemann scored one of the biggest wins of his career as he got the better of Richard Rapport in the 7th round of the World Rapid 2022. Hans played a near to perfect game to outwit Rapport who blundered towards the end! What a game! Don’t miss it.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. And what a blunder…rook taking knight with no defence. Even I can do better

  2. Hans Stockfish out did himself ! Well played !

  3. This game will go down in the annals of Chess History

  4. 👎👎👎 Hans Moke Niemann is an Outlaw!!! – He should be banned!👎👎👎

  5. are chess players always socially awkward? like no talking before the game, like they dont want to be there.

  6. At the beginn his oponnent shows him how the clock works..👍🏻😂

  7. Leave the armies dead and scattered and storm off into the fluorescent light–a paltry, if not spurious, sunset.

  8. 5:35 Niemann knows the move by Rapport with Q was a mistake and he knows right then.
    Even had a silent WTF? then a quick glance.

  9. So anybody tell me what is happening, either something is vibrating in his @ss, but then the whole body should visibly resonate, at this level…..or is this guy the talent of the future? Beating Rapport is not an easy thing. Among others..

  10. Hans, as usual, did not arrange his pieces after the game. A mediocrity with no respect for opponents

  11. Carlsen is heading for the poor house.

  12. why is hans sweating through a shirt and jacket?…. i wonder

  13. Niemann why did you shave your whiskers, it was so good for you with a beard, whiskers and a wash on your head

  14. Both should be punished for not building up their chess pieces

  15. He don’t cheat all the time to mix it up .. that’s why sometimes he lose in 12 moves but a near perfect game from this patzer! Make me wonder witch engine does he use.

  16. bro i feel bad for hans man i legit dont think hes cheating. he made mistakes in his past we all have. imagine achieiving grandmaster and being at this top level of play and everyone is just accusing of cheating. basically guilty until proven innocent at this point which is bass ackwards. honestly feel bad for the man. hes a good player

  17. People looking on “yeah that was definitive”

  18. Why come the guys in the background not playing but watching this game? 30 minute clock or what lol

  19. Goes to show lower rated players beat higher rated, heck I’ve done it myself. Also everyone is human and have bad days even world champions and also a guy like Hans as good as he is can very conceivably have an better than usual good game. The bottom line is without proof one should not accuse another of cheating especially in an OTB game.

  20. for a change arbiter rearranges the pieces

  21. YouTube comments is a teenage cesspool…

  22. “Hans has the perfect chess ASSistant.” — ButtBeads Inc. promo

  23. Unpopular opinion He didn’t cheat Magnus just got butt hurt from losing


  25. Hans, not letting the bastards grind him down

  26. I think the higher GMs lose because they are playing anti engine? And Hans isn’t using and engine so he’s going to win. It’s like rock paper scissors. Engine beats a good chess player but anti engine can beat or draw engine. However good chess players can beat anti engine style play. All in all everyone should just play natural chess and throw out the scandal out of the picture it’s ruining chess. Everyone is cheating online and it’s like you can only play in person to get a fair chance

  27. Why does He Just leave?
    Can He Not Just Clean Up how pieces after He Players?
    Hans at least would have done it

  28. and then lost to Shamsiddin with a massive blunder 😂

    no wonder his skill is being questioned, talk about game consistency

  29. Where is the evidence that he is cheating?

  30. The disrespect not putting the pieces back..

  31. not a single word after the game, a lot of bad blood between the two

  32. And then they left all pieces like that… 🤔

  33. what is he point of drinking water in a rapid game,its off putting,Richard Rapport is way to classy for that.

  34. Wow! such an elegant and devastating attack!

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