Hans Niemann BEATS 2800 RATED Grandmaster in 2022 Rapid Chess Championship

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  1. but Rapport is just playing as hobbyist omni-genius no fancy cheat coaches from russia, no foregoing of college u never know if hes gonna suck

  2. Richie loses to a Yank
    Magnus looking like a crank
    Pocket engine of a tank
    100 mil straight in the bank

  3. Y'all need to give Hans Niemann more coverage. I didn't even knew he was playing😂

  4. Hope they took the Services of Magnus
    to Probe Hans. Magnus Played a
    Poor Game that Day and Probing
    Hans won’t Change that. 🫤

  5. It's so exciting to know 2800 is a grand master

  6. Hans placed 117 in the world championship rapid chess today

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