Gukesh’s Golden Revenge | Gukesh D vs Nodirbek Abdusattorov | Tata Steel Chess India Rapid 2022

The next-generation rivalry between the young talents in the world of chess is already well known. In the fifth round of the Tata Steel Chess India Rapid 2022, Gukesh D faced the current World Rapid champion Nodirbek Abdusattorov. Watch the full video and see if the world champion can overpower the Indian Super GM.

Video: ChessBase India
Edited by Aditya Sur Roy

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  1. it is not a golden revenge , it is not even a revenge why because Nodirbek beat geksh in a very important game in a very important tournament but here this win wwouldn't give anybody a medal ..

  2. Great composure from this young indian kids.
    Come on team india❤

  3. You can tell this one meant alot for Gukesh bad opening choice for abdusatorov he never really got going.

  4. I felt like Abdusatorov wantedly played bad openings against Gukesh & Vidit , if you compare these two games with Hikaru's it was completely different and felt like he did on purpose 🤔

  5. Kiahi bkchodi vo match defining tha ye tou kuch ni ni he

  6. 4:09 big blunder from opponent and good tatctics by gukesh

  7. respect Abdusattorov! he didn't lose after losing game like Gukesh or Hikarus, he felt like normal player

  8. Wish this video has eval bar and commentary

  9. Chess is a war game played by gentle hand movements, amazing!

  10. Q:prove that two minor pieces are greater than a single rook,, Gukesh: done👍👍

  11. Beating someone once in different format is not Revenge.

  12. This time Gukesh kept clam, last two games he lost from winning position.
    in those games also Gukesh had played superior games. Well done Gukesh.

  13. The way gukesh bowed down to the board after his match…😊😊

  14. cant see at 2 places can we get the board on top centre plz

  15. I love them both!! They are two very polite and resilient young prodigy!! respect

  16. Gukesh 's masterclass..d4 What is that!! He s got bigs ….but He wins

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