Gukesh vs Magnus Carlsen | Superbet Grand Chess Tour 2024 Day 2

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It will be exciting to see three of the young Indian talents (Gukesh, Pragg and Arjun) going all out against Magnus Carlsen at the Superbet Rapid and Blitz – the Warsaw leg of Grand Chess Tour. It will be 3 days of Rapid followed by 2 days of Blitz! They will be fighting for the total prize pool of US$175,000 and the top prize of US$40,000. Apart from Magnus and Indian youngsters we also have two world class youngsters from Uzbekistan and Germany – Nodirbek Abdusattorov and Vincent Keymer. Two world class GMs – Anish Giri and Duda will also be gunning for the top spot.

These are the participants of the event:
1. Magnus Carlsen
2. D.Gukesh
3. Anish Giri
4. Praggnanandhaa
5. Jan Krzysztof Duda
6. Arjun Erigaisi
7. Nodirbek Abdusattorov
8. Vincent Keymer
9. Wei Yi
10. Kirill Shevchenko

Who do you think will triumph in 9 rounds of rapid and 18 rounds of blitz? Each game of rapid will count for 2 points while each game of blitz will count for 1 point. The time control in rapid is 25+10 while the time control in blitz is 5+2.

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  1. Grind like a grandmaster (Carlsen) by D Howell, GM

  2. Standing after day-2• Magnus • Wei yi• PraggnanandhaaBest wishes to Prag, Gukesh and Arjun🧡🧡🧡

  3. Sagar Sah you are genius..your commentry are insane….. impactful….But sorry to say when you are absent…. Quality is poor.Absolutely Unprofessional….Ekdom bokwass…….Plss take care


  5. magnus is just here to test young blud out

  6. Shame that Prag lost to Gukesh from a won position.

  7. @Sagar bhai Your INSIGHTS & REVIEW like always are finest🔥however I future do it SOLO.

  8. Those long term positional sacrifices Magnus uses are concepts taken from modern chess engines

  9. Just a feedback- Sagar doing commentary alone is much better. No hate but Amruta's inclusion makes it irritating and unnecessary But this is just my point of view. Thanks.

  10. Nodirbek tried hard versus Carlsen, but wasnt enough.

  11. Same with Magnus and Gukesh

  12. Summary – here here here here takes takes takes takes!!!

  13. Rooting for Pragg! What an unbelievably nice character

  14. Dormmamu Gukesh
    Pegasus pragg
    Arjun Velly
    Magnus Carlsen
    Bhai Giri

  15. Best song -Shatrang ka kamal❤❤🎉🎉,best commentary with relay, thanks Sagar Bhai

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