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  1. Among 4 youngster gukesh is weerker in shorter format Pragg rapid rating-2710, blitz-2695Arjun rapid-2680, blitz-2736Nihal rapid-2675, blitz-2704Gukesh Rapid & blitz rating below 2630

  2. GOOkesh topi ko full sapot kya goo kiya hai board pe aur thumbnail mai toh aaise lagate hai is bechare ho jaise magnus ke equal ko gadhe ne last se top kiya hai lmao

  3. Welcome to the New and Biggest Blunder Master in the World- Gukesh Dumbaraju.

    He shouldn't have played in this tournament if he was this pathetic in faster time controls, instead of bringing shame to India.

    Going by this, he is set to lose to Ding in the classical as well.

    Absolutely Pathetic and shameful performance!

  4. Gukesh is very strong in classical chess and is going to be the youngest world chess champion

  5. Its so sad to see indian player performing so bad!!!!

  6. Why do two of them speak English, and the third one some Indian language?

  7. The sagar shah ruined the mind of gukesh ..on his social chess channel ..candidates success the dust in this tournament ..sagar shah effect ..sagar shah is poison ..

  8. Sagar shah bloated gukesh ego so much that he got carried away by his success in candidates …stay away from poison if you value your career …gukesh be careful ..

  9. That is the diff between pragg vs gukesh, pragg good at all three formats his Classical rating-2747, Rapid -2710 & blitz-2695 whereas gukesh just focus on classical his Rapid & Blitz Rating is below -2630

  10. That is also a difference between pragg & gukesh, pragg is a clutch player He always delivers in crunch situation when it must win situation whereas gukesh always choke in crunch situation im this tournament he lost 90℅ of his game from a winning position

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