Grandmasters don’t need QUEEN to win – Kuhan vs GM Bharath | Rotachess Rapid Rating Open 2023

Grandmasters often exchange or sacrifice their queens for two or three pieces. GM Bharath Subramaniyam H (2389) sacrificed his queen for his opponent Kuhan B K’s (1363) three minor pieces in the second round of Rotachess Rapid Rating open 2023. Check out what happened in the end.

Replay the final moments

Video: Shahid Ahmed

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  1. Please donate some money for that kid 😢

  2. theres nowt worse than a roll up chess board !

  3. Well that little boy Kuhan had no proper idea of attack which allowed Bharath a lot of counterplay. Anyways he will learn a lot from these games and will surely come up as a better player in the future. Thanks for the video

  4. Grandmasters do not need queen to win may I conclude they need not to play queens Gambit , accepted or declined.

  5. Lleven a ese niño al médico está desnutrido el pobre, sin ofender claro, sus movimientos y su delgadez…

  6. Grandmasters doesn't need queen
    Queen need grandmasters😂😂

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