GM Praggnanandhaa takes on an International Master | World Rapid Teams 2023

It was the final round of the FIDE World Rapid Team Championship 2023 and GM R Praggnanandhaa (2645) from team WR Chess was looking to finish off the tournament with a banger as he was facing IM Robert Baskin (2327) Berlin Chess Federation. Watch the intense major piece endgame as both the players face a bit of time pressure.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 1 movie panirukala white Queen yes or no

  2. Please don't hype pragg it will put lot of pressure on him, leave him alone

  3. Opponent resigned because both the options white had for taking the new queen would have gone like this:

    1. Qxe1, Reg2+, kf1 (Reg2 by white is alternative where black ends up making another queen after a slightly long cat and mouse sequence and ends up mating white)

    2. Rxe1. Here, Qxg2 is checkmate.

  4. Don't like the fiddling with the pieces as I would find that distracting.

  5. I agree. Magnus goes home after winning and everything is peaceful.Pragga goes home and India sits on his shoulders .

  6. He slowly grips the neck until its too late

  7. Bad photography angle. Actual chess board is not seen properly.

  8. Why didn't black capture bishop on g5?

  9. whats the amazing one praggyan playing on earth and other pragyan playing on moon

  10. Why black queen didnt take rook on e1 after a check

  11. I like the finesse with the title! takes on an "INTERNATIONAL MASTER" like it's something WOW!

  12. Pragg is capable of being a world champion..!!

  13. Anyone wondering why did he resigned…the ans is after Rg2 game over for white

  14. Indians are emotionally charged people and Tamils are more emotional and articulate their feelings spontaneously by Garlanding , Firing Crackers and Dancing with lot of fanfare. Be it a Victorious moment or even in a Funeral procession.

  15. I am not sure but Whites queen can capture the new Queen right ? then once Black Queen captures the Whites queen and Rook can captures another queen so that powers can be equal ?

  16. 4:58 can someone coach Pragg not to play with the pawns like that. This isn't some informal game at a bar over a few beers.

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