GM Magnus Carlsen flags GM Alexei Shirov IRL in World Rapid Chess Championship 2021

In last round of day 1 World Rapid Chess Championship 2021 Magnus Carlsen puts enormous pressure in endgame against Spanish GM Alexei Shirov, which made him blunder, eventually flags in losing position!
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  1. Well, it's entertaining to see Magnus squeeze a win out of the end games!
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  2. Nf5 was a mistake rd6+ should have been played

  3. I am new to chess, so would appreciate someone explaining why the chess community has strong feelings about flagging? It seems like it's looked down upon to do that, but I'm coming from a background where my favorite sports team lost too many games because coaches can't manage the clock. so, what's the big deal?

  4. Shirov made his last move so slow, did he give up mentally a few moves back?

  5. He knew he was running out, still a bit baffled it seemed to me

  6. Don't call it flagging, call it Shirov lost on time, you make it seem like it's Magnus' fault

  7. Imagine how much better Magnus's moves would've been had he used the other 47 seconds.

  8. either way Shirov's position was dead lost

  9. Carlsen flags Shirov??? Shirov used too much time and had a lost position on the board when the time run out.

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