GM Maciej Klekowski – GM Michael Adams | Blitz chess

European Individual Blitz and Rapid Championships 2022, Poland, Katowice


  1. Man what a great game! Mickey pulled the rabbit out of the hat for that draw, so it seemed.

  2. 😂Not one cent for Michael Adams skin! But he managed to save it!

  3. Damn Michael defended that well. Kelkowski played the opening very well, but Michael capitalized on every minor infraction. And his first 5 moves set the trend for how he’d be throwing a wrench in every part of Klekowski’s very aggressive plan. Masterful!

  4. Ελλάδα μου Πατρίδα μου says:

    This is just unbelievable! We took a taste of what a 2700 player means!

  5. 06:16 Qd2

    08:38 Qh5+

    would've ended the game immmediately. I'm sure there were more direct wins. Unbelievable save.

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