GM Hansen and GM Seirawan team up in Rapid Chess!

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  1. Why wasn't Yasser commentating on the games in India for the Grand Chess Tour Rapid and Blitz? Jen and Maurice were there and Yasser was replaced with Peter Svidler. Any ideas why?

  2. The Alexandr Lenderman article is just about his Christianity, he wanted to stay a virgin before marriage, but now he realises that he's almost 30 and hasn't dated even once. I don't think it's really chess related.

  3. For a 13hundred the opponent played pretty well

  4. Man I love Yasser. His tutorials are a bit too slow for me, but his anecdotes and comments are super fun and interesting!

  5. Anymore of the Seirawan lessons comming? Love those! by far the best content on your channel.

  6. Hikaru is garbage and will NEVER be world champion, Probably won't even ever make it to the candidates from here on out!

  7. excellent video, but Alesha (Алёша) is a male name

  8. You guys are super entertaining together, I love your collabs!

  9. Interesting story about Rubinstein, Guess he rather not hurt anyone and demonstrated his dominance over the chessboard instead. Others should follow his example imo. Thx.

  10. lmao, Alesha is HE not She, cause Aleksey = Alesha (Alyosha pronounc.)

  11. I love the combination of these 2 guys. Yasser's deep and philosophical chess knowledge is unsurpassed I think, and the way he brings Eric out of himself is great. It's like Eric can be the exceptional chess player that he is in front of Yasser, whilst maintaining his other 'Chessbrah' side, without having to try too hard to prove anything. Really great combo and hope to see more of it.

  12. Chessbae has been throwing her spare change at you guys. She has daddy's money and used it to invest in shit and made returns….she's someone that has nothing better to do with her life than manipulate people with money….plain and simple. Besides that I'm sure she's a nice girl.

  13. Last week I met Eric and Aman in India. I was playing a street player for money, when suddenly Eric started laughing, pointing at my position and said that even the young kids in india play better than me. Aman gave me a kick in the stomach to teach me a lesson. I just wanted to be nice and have a good time. Don't support these guys.

  14. yikes wasnt chessbrah near 3000? dude lost 800 points

  15. At least show the board numbers and letters inside it, when you commentate like F2… Because I can't catch up here.

  16. ROFL This should be named: "GM Hansen and GM Seirwan team up to beat up and torment a 1300" 😛

  17. Yasser: So you could see Spassky?
    Eric: No, but you could hear him, and you could watch him play.
    Yasser: …

  18. I'm so jealous you get to hang around Yasser!!!

  19. yasser is boring stop bring him in your channel with his fake personality and laugh

  20. is yasser wearing ac milan jersey ??????

  21. Yasser looks like a grandpa dropped into a crazy college frat house. They should make a movie about this guy.

  22. This was an awesome hand and brain! Very entertaining lol. Than you eric and yasser!

  23. What's with piece name move instructions? Are we to believe that they always know the intended square?

  24. Hikaru is one of the greatest players ever. I don’t know why he keeps dropping in the ratings, now no 22 I think. They say it’s because he plays too much blitz online but he’s always done that and so do a lot of other players including Carlsen.

  25. Two great chess personalities that compliment each other perfectly.

  26. I purposely wait until these come out on YouTube so that I don't have to deal with Chessbae in twitch chat.. talk about a power hungry nutcase, the streamers only pretend to like her because she's a employee and funds them…

  27. God bless, y'all are so inspiring, this attitude that is cultivated here can be applied to any subject.

  28. 21:47 – Qxb2? If Qxe3 (white takes), Qg2 is mate and if Bxf2, Rxf2, Qa1, Rf1, Qd5+ wins the bishop.

  29. I don't think it's possible to be more likeable than Yasser.

  30. The queen c6 moment was hilarious. Eric missed out on an epic moment lol

  31. I'm going to be honest, I'm only watchunh for yasser's voice. I'm not even paying attention to the chess anymore. I actually fell asleep yesterday watching a hand and brain featuring yasser.

  32. "I premoved that. It's pretty cool that I can do that."
    "Yeah, yes you did. You premoved mate in one"

  33. It's fun seeing them talk about nepo being a candidate after he just won

  34. Alesha is a boy's name (short form of 'Alexei")

  35. 🍄 вінницький психопат 🍉 says:

    Yasser saying "dude" gets me laughing every time

  36. Watching this as nepo plays for the world championship lol

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