GM Evgeny Alekseev – FM Efremov Vladislav, Sicilian defense, Rapid chess

Blitz chess and rapid chess video. Live blitz and rapid chess.
Paul Keres Memorial 2019, Tallinn, Estonia, Rapid chess and blitz chess tournaments

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nc6 5. Nc3 Qc7 6. g3 Nf6 7. Ndb5 Qb8 8. Bf4 e5 9. Bg5 a6 10. Bxf6 gxf6 11. Na3 Bxa3 12. bxa3 Nd4 13. Nd5 Qd6 14. c3 Nc6 15. Qf3 O-O 16. Bh3 Kg7 17. Rd1 Ne7 18. Nf4 Qxa3 19. Nh5+ Kg8 20. Qxf6 Qxc3+ 21. Kf1 Qc4+ 22. Kg1 1-0

Rapid chess (also known as speed or fast chess) is a type of chess in which each player is given less time to consider their moves than normal tournament time controls allow. Openings, tactics and strategy are same.

By advancing the c-pawn two squares, Black asserts control over the d4-square and begins the fight for the centre of the board. The move resembles 1…e5, the next most common response to 1.e4, in that respect. Unlike 1…e5, however, 1…c5 breaks the symmetry of the position, which strongly influences both players’ future actions. White, having pushed a kingside pawn, tends to hold the initiative on that side of the board. Moreover, 1…c5 does little for Black’s development, unlike moves such as 1…e5, 1…g6, or 1…Nc6, which either develop a minor piece or prepare to do so. In many variations of the Sicilian, Black makes a number of further pawn moves in the opening (for example, …d6, …e6, …a6, and …b5). Consequently, White often obtains a substantial lead in development and dangerous attacking chances.

Meanwhile, advancing a queenside pawn has given Black a spatial advantage there and provides a basis for future operations on that flank. Often, Black’s c5-pawn is traded for White’s d4-pawn in the early stages of the game, granting Black a central pawn majority. The pawn trade also opens the c-file for Black, who can place a rook or queen on that file to aid their queenside counterplay.

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  1. Alekseenko destroyed him with sneaky g3 move with idea to play Bf4
    I also thought that Bg2 is the point

  2. 6…Nf6 invites trouble, allowing a white knight to attack c7 from b5 followed up by Bf4. 6…a6 seems a better move once black has opted for 5…Qc7.

  3. Mr GM Evgeny, Please encourage younger guys and try to be humble with them.. You never know when they can become as good as you or better.

  4. Idea off Boby Fischer, His game and Wins Tal….Identicly…-"

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