GM Baadur Jobava- NM Jānis-Emils Mierins RTU Rapid

RTU Open 2023, Riga


  1. Around 16:40, instead of tempting …Nxg4 with in-between …Qc7, black's last chance was …Bc4.

  2. Amazing how black is practically lost after reckless …Qc7. At the time black had undeveloped queen flank, with prospective of having dead white bishop and unconnected rooks. He was probably thinking of …h6 (best) or somehow slow …a6. After …Qc7, Bg5! –> black is under constant fire. 2. c3 is new Sozin and Rauser now. Thirty years ago we had been taught it's bad move but today it's like advanced variation in Caro Kann. That's why 2. …Nf6 is more recommandable.

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