GM Alexei Shirov – IM Rosen Eric, Sicilian defence, Rapid chess

Olaine Chess Spring Rapid Tournament
Blitz chess and rapid chess video. Live blitz and rapid chess.


  1. Se apreciaría mejor si pudiera verse el rostro de los jugadores…

  2. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ The images are very good and detailed, best of all appearances .. good job 👍🧑‍🦰

  3. К:б5!! супер браво Алексей

  4. after Ndb5 Black is lost…so its a bit of an opening trap/tactic 4:09 Shirov found it otb

  5. Great game !!
    does anybody know where I can find similar chess pieces like in this video?😀

  6. If you are going to play the Taimanov variation of the Sicilian , you had better know it a lot better than this game shows .

  7. The combinaison starting from Rxg7!! is simply awsome.

  8. That guy Rosen always losesxd i've never seen him win in Any of this videos!!

  9. Cd X b5 ! 1-0. Le petit Maître joue, avec les Noirs, une ligne qu'il ne connait apparemment pas. Le reste "n'est" qu'une affaire de technique et la technique de Shirov est efficace, Txg7 ! est effectivement implacable.

  10. I'm surprised Eric didn't just resign after he screwed the opening up so bad. You're not swindling a GM like Shirov a whole rook down.

  11. In the Taimanov with Nge7 you usually take first Nc6xd4, then play b5 (so Ld4-b6 is not annoying) followed by Ne7-c6 etc.

  12. I thought Blacks Rook prevents White from being able to Castle Queen Side??

  13. Playing the Sicilian isn't a really good idea against Shirov…

  14. Reasuring that even an IM can end up losing a rook to the Knight Rook King fork that I fall for in 40 – 50% of my games!

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